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I am a retired Chicago Public School Teacher.  I have been married to Carole since 1961.  We have 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  Many of them are pictured above celebrating my 75th birthday.

I retired from teaching in the  Chicago Public Schools after 39 years of service. I started at Beethoven School in 1962 after I graduated from Northeastern Illinois University. I continued working for the CPS in the Outdoor Education program from 1975-1980, where I became an administrator. I returned to the classroom at Randolph School where I stayed until I retired in 2001. My Randolph students sent in over 8000 measurements and observations to the GLOBE program. I have been a GLOBE teacher trainer since 1995.  Derrick Rose attended Randolph School for 7 years, he was a great kid from a great family.  I have a Randolph Memories Page where former students contributed memories on Facebook. I posted some pictures from our trip in 1997 to the University of Chicago where my students had lunch with scientists.

I had my right hip replaced in July 2005, it was so good, I had my left one replaced in August 2006.  I was back playing hockey by Thanksgiving.  My friends want to know what I am doing with my free time.  We celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary in June in the Smokey Mountains at our first Lopatka Family Reunion. On June 25th, 2011 we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel. We celebrated our 51st in Galena with Kathie, Michelle and Michael. We celebrated number 52 in the Smokey Mountains  where we watched the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup with many family members when we gathered for our 2nd Lopatka Family reunion that was arranged by my sister Pat and daughter Sandi. We celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary at the Duffer Picnic.  We will celebrate our 55th in Kentucky on our way to the 3rd Lopatka Reunion in the Smokey Mountains in June 2016. Pictures are posted on the Duffer Web page.

Some of my memories from the old days

My Grandpa's shed

Memories of Adeline 

Mom's Cook Book

Mom's Homes

Mom's 95th Birthday Party  

Aunt Irene's 100th Birthday

Morton Arboretum Seasons

Toys in the Attic

Michael is featured on the Earth Science Picture of The Day

My Pluto Planet Page

Scanned Slides from the 1970s

My Memories of Rich Dzingel

My Resume

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