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Another Great Road Trip!

Chandler, AZ 03/06-09/08
Attendance 30
Rookie Goalie Rules.

17 year old Ben Oskroba got the call from his dad, to strap on the pads.  Ben shut down the Reds while Brinks got the only meaningful goal as the Whites won 4-3.  Ben's toughest chore was shutting down his Dad and cousin (Mini Wheezer), who was very motivated to light up the new goalie.  Uncle Bob and Mini Wheezer had many chances, but Ben kicked everything out.  The Reds were able to win the game on Friday when Hitman scored twice and Basketball Jones and Beak added goals to win 4-3.

Hand shakes all around!

Hacksaw had the only meaningful goal for the Whites, but Ben shut out the Oskrobas for the second straight day.  On Sunday, Leapin Lou Pinet was on a mission to win the rubber game.  He reminded his Red teammates many times that we have to win this one.  It looked like it was going to be an easy task, as the Reds had a real goalie (One of Ben's teammates) and he was keeping everything out of his net, with several spectacular saves.  The Reds were up 3-0 on goals by BTWB and Mini Wheezer.  With 10 minutes left to play, Tommy Z took the puck into the Red zone and skated circles around the net until Brinks got open at the back door.  A great pass gave Brinks an easy tip in to spoil the kid's shut.  A few minutes later, Brinks did it again to make it Reds 3, Whites 2.  Brinks picked up his Hat Trick in the closing minutes, but the Reds added a game winner by Ben.  I can't remember all of the goals and Perry couldn't help me, but I do remember the Reds won the Meaningless rubber game, but lost the Meaningful game due to the Brinks Hat Trick.  Possible goal scorers were Darren, Back Checking Leapin Lou, T&A (Tom Ambrosia), Hitman, Hitman's son, BB Jones, BTWB.
Uncle Bob Was a Host Extraordinaire!
Bob met us at the Phoenix airport with a full sized Rental van that was filled with beer.  He took all of our sticks and bags to and from every game.  He had tables, chairs food and drinks waiting for us after the games on Thursday and Friday.  Cindy and Bob hosted a farewell cook out party after Sunday's game.  After Friday's game, we went to see the Sox play the Angels. (Sox lost 11-1)  Tony Granato made a call and had 15 free tickets waiting for us in the VIP section.  We were a few rows behind the Sox GM and owners.  Muzzy's Daughter, Paula< joined us at the game.  On Sat
urday, we went to see Seattle play Oakland in the hot sun, then we changed into our warm clothes to watch the Phoenix Coyotes play the Ottawa Senators.  Ben was given the "Player of the Year" award at the game.  He got big cheers when he appeared on the giant scoreboard.  

Great Shirts

Bob gave everyone custom "Duffers in the Desert" Tee Shirts with the Duffer Bear skating through the Chicago flag.  He gave the goalies a special edition.  After the cook out on Sunday, everyone headed for home, except for Beak and the King who started their "Excellent Adventure" that included a train ride to the Grand Canyon.  They returned to watch the Cubs lose to Oakland. 

For more pictures, and a scanned version go to:  http://photos.lopatka.com/

Bob, Ben and Mike Oskroba.


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