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   These pictures were taken at the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics.  The pictures have been reduced to thumbnails for faster loading.  Just click on the thumbnail to see the full size picture.  Use your browser's back button to return here. 

Thursday, February 21, 2002

 Thursday started sunny and warm in Salt Lake City, so they headed for Park City where it was Sunny and cold.  This was the first day that winter jackets, hats and gloves were needed.  Park City was a beautiful little mining town that has become a great ski town with the driest power in the country.  Breakfast started with a hungry Klinger coloring the kids menu while he waited impatiently for his food.  Frank laughed and finally got his meal after Beak and Klinger finished eating.  He still had his sense of humor.  

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After breakfast, Klinger took a picture of the Duffer trio next to the Bear Chair and then they headed up hill where they saw hundreds of people waiting in line to buy the now famous Roots Berets.  Beak ordered his on line before leaving for Salt Lake.
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 The next three pictures show a beautiful blue sky providing an outline for a giant screen that popped out of Bud Truck.   A short while later, they met the German Curling team and talked them into having their picture taken with Hitman. 

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 A tourist with a camera noticed the great looking Duffer Jackets and asked Beak if they were hockey players and Beak gave an affirmative answer.  The excited Tourist took out his camera and asked, "What country are you from?"   Beak answered, "Illinois"  The confused tourist said, "Did you play in the Olympics?  Beak said, "No we just played in Peoria!" The disappointed tourist put his camera away and left.   


At 12 noon, they climbed a flight of stairs and found a great view.  They looked to the left and saw another breathtaking view. One more quarter turn and they found a private club that just opened.  They paid the $5.00 fee ($1.25 per person) and  went in.  Frank and Beak posed for a picture with their Olympic hats.  (1980 Lake Placid and 2002 Salt Lake City)
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At 1:00 PM, it was time to head back to Salt Lake City for the Women's Gold medal hockey game, but Klinger had to stop for a quick Hot Dog as the band played on.  They jumped on a free bus and found it was a Pace bus from Illinois that was on loan for the Olympics. 

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Cammi's Mom and Dad presented each of the four Duffers with a special Cammi shirt before the game. The Gold Medal game  was very physical with many penalties and the USA ladies took it on the chin to win the Silver medal. The Duffer Salt Lake Four had one last meal together.


   Friday, February 22, 2002

Hitman and Beak drove McGee and Klinger to the airport where they made it home in time to play in the Duffer game where Thor scored a hat trick.  Hitman and Beak stayed one more day in Salt Lake City where they were lucky enough to be invited to the Nike hospitality suit. (Actually, they weaseled there way in.) While where, they met Australian Gold Medal skier, Alisa Camplin, Hitman and Beak had their pictures taken with her.
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Cammi  arrived on the scene and received a hero's welcome from family and friends. A great meal was served and Cammi showed us her Silver Medal and posed with Beak and Hitman

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Rob and Joe Granato play a computer game as sister Christina checks her e-mail.  Cammi checks out the latest issues of the Duffer News

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 USA Goalie Sara Decosta joined the party and Beak and Hitman ceased the photo opportunity.  Tony Granato was also at the gathering and he came through with 2 tickets for the USA Vs. Russia game later that afternoon. 
DCP_1711.JPG (109537 bytes) DCP_1712.JPG (85181 bytes)
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  The tickets that Tony came up with turned out to be in the seventh row.  Beak and Hitman were treated to the greatest hockey game that they will ever see.  They were 12 feet away from Bret Hull and a game with plenty of action in a thrilling 3-2 USA win.
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On Saturday morning, Hitman filled up the van with gas that was less than a dollar per gallon. A Big Thank You to the Granato's for all of their help with tickets and housing and thanks to Cammi for making a dream come true. 

 Congratulations to Cammi's mom, Natalie, for being Named Campbell Soup's "Souper Mom of the year."

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Friday, March 1, 2002

Gary the Ghost tossed a Meaningful shut out at the Duffer Red Army on Friday night.  McGee, Klinger, Hitman, Brinks and Beak really enjoyed the oxygen as they returned from the mountains. Beak took a pass from Beavis and scored on his son Tweedy, to give the Whites a 1-0 lead.  Hitman teamed up with Brinks to put the game away and give the Whites a 2-0 Meaningful win as Klinger and McGee strangled the Reds with their mountain defense .  

The Reds won the Meaningless game as Beak's 17 year old grandson, Mike Lopatka, had a hat trick and another Mike, Oskroba, (Mini-Wheezer) added another goal as did the Z brothers.

Nolan, the Bolingbrook Sun photographer clicked away at every photo opportunity on and off of the ice. The Sun is planning on running a cover story on the Duffers later this month.

E-mail from Papa Joe asks for prayers for his Daughter.Donna Mazzarella Wood passed away at 3:02 PM Tuesday 5 March at Maryvale Medical Center in Phoenix AZ. Family was at bedside. Complications from multiple illnesses. Details for services will be forthcoming when arrangements are completed. Burial will be in Springfield IL, Time/Loc TBD.

She is survived by husband Tom, son Mike (22), son John (20), and daughter
Christine (18). Also, Papa, Mom, Joe and Steve.

Please have a moment of silence before the game Friday. I don't know who if
any or all will show up this week.

God bless her and her family.



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