My 66th Birthday!

My birthday always comes around when the Hockey State play offs are in full swing, I celebrated my 65th Birthday when Jeff scored a goal for his team.  After the game, we celebrated at our house with pizza and cake. 65th Birthday

This year, Jeff scored another goal to lead his team to a big win.  We celebrated his win and my 66th birthday at the Fox Valley Rink Restaurant with all 4 of my children, and 4 of my grandchildren.

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I had a wonderful birthday, the good Lord has really been good to me.  Giving me a wonderful wife when I was young, that led to 4 beautiful children that led to 7 gorgeous grandchildren.  Our health has been good, helped along with good health care.  I had a great doctor give me a new hip last July and it has been wonderful.  I have been playing hockey with my sons and Grandsons since Thanksgiving.

In a few weeks, my brother will be celebrating his birthday.  My Mom will be treating us to dinner, I'll post some pictures then.