Skate-a-thon Pictures

Beak whistled Hawk Bad boy, Keith Magnuson off the ice for speeding.

Keith Magnuson is escorted to the box by Beak.

Joe Granato reads Keith his rights.

Maggy thanks Beak for giving him a 2 minute rest.  They got a chance to talk about their Madison trip.

Joe gave the Mike to Stan Mikita 

Maggy to  get a pardon from Mrs. Granato

Dan Granato tries to shake loose from a Hawk.

Brinks represented the Duffers well as he set up several goals.

Rob Granato gets his game face on as Ken Lopatka hangs on to Beak's latest grandson, Michael.

Cammi made a lot of kids happy!  Jeff Lopatka and Michelle Spillman smile for the Duffer camera.

Doug Wilson and Keith Magnuson race up the ice.

  Klinger and Frank skated 50 laps then had a $17 Margaretta.

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Duffer's Hockey News August 1, 2001 
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