January 1972

Duffer Roster         Age


Dates to Remember

September   96-97 Season starts
1996 Duffer Dues are  $225 and over due!
Nov. or Dec.   Green Bay Trip
12/31  Skating Party
  2:00 PM@ Saints
January Silver Anniversary
February Candlelight Bowl
March  Hayward Trip
April  San Jose Trip

  8  Papa Joe Mazzarella 66.6
14  Muzzie Masiulewicz 61.3
66  Harvey Dikinis  59.9
16  Frank Presecky  58.5
10  Hacksaw Pavichevich 58.2
99  Beak Lopatka  56.5
  5  King Miceli  55.2
  7  Brinks Granato  54.7
  9  Klinger Giffune  54.6
27  Dill Deau   53.6
12  Alien Allen  52.9
  6  Beer Nuts Biernat  51.5
  3  Magoo Landry  49.0
  4  Fred Bobka  48.9
18  Thor Miller  47.0
19  Good Hands Heitman 45.4
30  Titz Michaelsen  44.2
51  Wheezer Clementson 42.5
72  Anvil Hawrysio  41.6
13  Doc Suchy   40.1
31  Ghost Kasper  39.2
23  Bob Morgan  39.1
98  Dock Dubreuil  37.8
21  Drano Staats  37.8
17  Cry Baby Koss  37.5
24  Larry Hansen  37.5
33  Mark Fetting  36.5
1  Stump Barczynski  36.5
77  Beavis Coughenour 35.3
26  Capt. Hook Spillman 35.3
88  Woody Mazurk  35.1
55  Rick Dzingel  35.0
11  Tom Morgan  34.5
29  Beak Jr. Lopatka  34.1
28  Prince Miceli  32.3
20  John Zagorski  30.3
89  Rob Granato  27.7
91  Tweedy Lopatka  26.3
94  Ahb Zagorski  25.9
32  Bluto Bryja  25.6
15  Marsha Novak  25.6
38  Jerry Oskroba  25.3

Now  that labor day is over, it is time to look ahead to a very special hockey season.
The Duffers Hockey Club  will celebrate its silver anniversary in January.  We have a lot of plans for a great year (See dates to remember). 
New silver anniversary Hockey bags have been ordered.  You will be able to purchase a silver anniversary road trip jersey for under $30.00.  Silk screened Tee Shirts hats,  sweat shirts and team photos will also be available.

The Duffer mean age on September 1 was 42.2  That means that if you are younger than Wheezer, your goals are meaningless. (See Duffer roster in column 3)
Things You May Have Missed

The NYPDs were 15-2-1 in the summer league as they finished first in the league and first in the playoffs.  The championship game cost Tweety some dental work. 
The June summer skate featured a playmaker award to Boris (3 assists ) and a hat trick for Beak.
The Picnic on June 29th was followed by a blue moon on the 30th.
The July 12th skate featured Olympic hopeful Cammi Granato and her Dad.  Don scored 4

The August skate was held on the second so that Tommy Z could get married on the 9th. 
I can't remember too much.  I do remember feeling extremely generous that night because the Whites  had 5 or 6 meaningful players and the Blues only had Muzzy, so we gave Stump , Ron and Larry temporary meaningful status.  I do remember Stump getting lucky and greedy as he scored a hat trick on Tweedy.  Larry added a goal to make the final too close for comfort. 
I know I had fun at Tommy Z's wedding, because my wife drove me home and didn't talk to me for several days.  Stump showed up for the wedding one week late.   Tom and Erica were on their honeymoon when
Stump tipped toed  quietly into the church a week late!