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This is the view that I had from my room in Seward.

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There were 4 Bald Eagles flying around.

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There was a Bear way up in the Mountain.

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That is as close as I got to a live Bear

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The Sea lions were getting some Sun

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Click on these pictures to see a close up.

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These Seals were getting some Sun too.

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That big one (on top) looks like he has a gash on his side.

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That cold glacier wind gave me a free Donald Trump hair style.

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The other side of the boat was out of the wind.

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This Bald Eagle had a Bird's Eye View.

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He is way up there on the left.

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The Captain's View 

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A World War II Military installment.

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This is where I spent the my nights.  Nice view, front and back.

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On October 3rd, I started my drive back to Anchorage. 

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I stopped in Portage and those chunks of ice were melted. 

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I stopped for lunch at the same place in Portage.

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I had a day in Anchorage. (Grass covered visitor's center)

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The sign says I'm only 2839 miles from Chicago.

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I'm glad I wasn't here in 1964 for the Good Friday Earthquake.

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This Map shows the Earth Quake's E[icenter.

Check out these panoramic views: 

(Use your shift key to zoom in and Ctrl to zoom out.  Use your mouse to drag up, down, right or left)

Harvard Glacier, Alaska

Denali National Park, Alaska

Virtual Guidebook to the Kenai Peninsula
The Exit Glacier
Kenai Fiords National Park, Alaska
Looking down on the lower part of the Exit Glacier, Kenai Fiords National Park. Blue glacial ice at the terminus of the Exit Glacier, near Seward.
Recessional moraines show the rapid retreat of the Exit Glacier.
Virtual Guidebook to the Kenai Peninsula
The Seward Highway
Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Granite Creek in the Kenai Mountains. Avalanche damage on the Seward Highway in the Kenai Mountains.
Old placer mining sites at Canyon Creek on the Seward Highway. Boggy meadows near Summit Lake on the Seward Highway.
Upper Trail Lake on the Seward Highway.
Virtual Guidebook to the Kenai Peninsula
Downtown Hope, one of Alaska's classic small towns. Fishing for silver salmon in the creek at Hope.
Rocky point near Hope on Turnagain Arm. A shaly beach above the mudflats of Turnagain Arm, south shore.
Virtual Guidebook to South Central Alaska
Vicinity of Anchorage
Otter Lake, a recreation site on Fort Richardson Military Reservation. Saint Innocent Orthodox Cathedral, in the northeastern suburbs of Anchorage.
The view over Cook Inlet from Earthquake Park. This birch forest masks the destruction of the earthquake-triggered Turnagain Slide.
Virtual Guidebook to South Central Alaska
Turnagain Arm
The north shore of Turnagain Arm, near Girdwood. Windy Point (and it was!) on Turnagain

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