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Our Southern Vacation

My Sister Pat and her daughter Sandi told me they were coming up from Florida to watch the Cubs in Atlanta, so I talked my wife into driving down to join them.  The price of gas was under $3.00 per gallon once we got out of Illinois, so we only spent a little over $125.00 for a round trip.  We visited our Niece, Jean and her family in Georgia. 

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We had lunch in Indianapolis, made a stop at this rest area before heading for Nashville.

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We wanted to spend the night in Nashville, but the NASCAR fans filled the motels, so we continued on to Murfreesboro.

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We had lunch in Chattanooga, then we stopped at a state park in Georgia, near Marietta.

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We arrived at Jean and Jeff's house in the late afternoon, just in time for a great home cooked meal.

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They have a new pet, who is top dog in his obedience class.

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Their softball and equestrian champ.

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Showed us her room and trophies.

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We really enjoyed watching the birds visit the bird feeders.

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Jeff cooked up some great brats.

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We went to Chick-Fill-A for lunch.

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We went to Mt. Kennesaw

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The Dog and the kids ran out of gas.

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We watched the Cubs beat the Braves 2-1 in HD on this 50 inch TV

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After 2 days, we headed for the Downtown Atlanta Marriott to meet my sister, Pat, Sandi and Steve. 

June 8th and 9th in Atlanta

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