Cammi Granato's 4th Annual Fund raiser for The Golden Dreams Foundation


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The background for this page was taken from a picture of Cammi at Wrigley Field when she threw out the first pitch.  My apologies to most of the Granato family that favors the Sox.

Volunteers set up fun filled activities.  Bobby Granato's Daughter and son try to beat the Duffer goalie game.  Beak's Granddaughter shags some pucks for the next contestant.  Christine Granato gets the Luv-a-Bulls ready for their performance.



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Children enjoyed the balloons, while the Duffers gathered with Peoria Rivermen Stars. (Left to Right, Hitman, Rivermen star, Darren Clark, goaltender, Duane “Duke” Derksen, Beer-Nuts and Beak.


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Olympic Gold medal speed skater, Bonni Blair, signed autographs with Cammi.  Beak's 2 year old grandson found a way to have fun without any money.


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Beak's granddaughters shag pucks that didn't get through the Stump's 5 hole. Rivermen stars, Darren Clark and  “Duke” Derksen sign autographs for fans.


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USA Olympic Hockey star, Krissy Wendell, signs autographs next to Chicago Black Hawk alumni, Troy Murray.  Duffer Wife, Ericka Z watches over Cammi's Olympic Torch and Medals.  Beer-Nuts guards the "Beat the Stump Board" as Beak's helpers give out a prize to a winner.


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Action pictures from the Game.  Cammi finds the flow of the game a little tougher than her skate with the Duffers.Duke stops Cliff Korral's shot, as Kevin Granato grabs the rebound. Rivermen goaltender Duane “Duke” Derksen takes a well deserved break between periods.  He faced about 80 shots from the Black Hawk old timers, after that work out, Duke was invited to the St. Louis Blues training camp. 


Cammi and Olympic Gold medal winner, Jack O'Callahan take the opening face off.  The honorary puck dropper was one of the recipients of the Golden Dreams Foundation. Three of the many Duffer volunteers pictured here are Paula, Janine and Tom Oskroba. (Tweedy is in the lower left corner) talking to fans.  Five more Duffer volunteers, gather around the "Beat the Stump Board" (Left to Right) Hacksaw, Beer-Nuts, Tommy Z, Beak and Magoo.


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Former Hawk Goalie, Darren Pang, (40) fires at Duke as Dan Lopatka tries to block the shot. Players shake hands after the game and then get together for a group picture.  A good time was had by all and the winners were the the children of the Ronald McDonald charity.  Thanks to all of the Volunteers mentioned here and thanks to the following who escaped my camera.  The Hansens (Marilyn and Larry)  the Morgans, (Tom and Bob) and Bill Giffune.

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Hi to all you Duffers and friends who came along for Cammi's event.

My most sincere thank you for a great job, once again!  I heard nothing but favorable comments from those attending. Everyone thought it was lots of fun, the best event we've done so far!  BRAVO, GREAT JOB!!!!

Hope you all can catch some well-deserved rest after all that hard work!

Talk to you soon,



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