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Jungle Gym for Audrey and Grace

Dan started to assemble the massive swing set with the help of some friends.  On April 30th, he rented a mini-earth mover and his friend Scott came over to help clear the land.  I helped by running errands and staying out of the way. We had McDonalds for lunch and Pizza for Dinner.  Ken came over to help Dan get some timber with his truck and Kathie brought Michelle and Michael over for the Pizza party.

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Audrey has a Cub outfit, just like Grandpa.

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4-30-05 030r.jpg (63888 bytes) On the first day of May, Dan's friend Tom came over to assemble the 1000 piece Jungle Gym. Grace helped her Mom bake a loaf of banana bread. This time I got out there and did some work.
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