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It looks like Papa Joe got bit by an itch mite.

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Thor, The King and Papa Joe.

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Must have been some serious hackers to drop this tree.

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There were 35 trees that were downed by the wind.

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Papa Joe, Chet Lis and Rick Dzingel.

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Ken, Greg and Dan Lopatka.

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Class of 1958 had the best turn out. 5 Grads, 3 sons, 1 Grandson and 3 friends.  (Above) Chester Galiga, Joe Wojcik, Greg Lopatka and his son Ken.

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More 1958, Bob Molsolf, Joe Wojcik, Chet Lis and Chester Galiga.  Rich Dzingel couldn't make, so he sent his son Rick and grandson Rick.

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Rick Dzingle's Dad was a star running back in the class of 1958.

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Thanks to Ed Mroz, owner of the Mutiny

Holy Trinity 2001 Golf Outing

Holy Trinity 1999 Golf Outing

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There was plenty of beer and food at the Mutiny on Western Ave. 

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Class of 1957, 58, 59 and 60 Lunch  August 17th, 2007

Rainy Cub Game  August 19, 2007

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