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Current Members of the HTHS Athletic Hall of Fame
(Listed by Class Years)

Henry J. Brandt '27, Coach 1924 - 1952
Richard "Honey" Starzyk '38, Basketball
Don "Red" Amidei '45, Basketball and Baseball
Leonard "Len" Czarnecki '48, Basketball and Football
Ralph Gatto '48, Basketball
Ted Jarosz '48, Football
Eugene "Butch" Krajewski '49, Basketball
Frank "Andy" Wodziak '49, Football
Brother Alfred Grilli, C.S.C., Band Director 1942 - 1987
August "Gus" Pasquini '51, Football and Basketball
Ted Schultz '51, Football
William  "Red" Daletski '52, Football
John "Jack" Krol '53, Baseball and Basketball
Stephen Kubiatowski '53, Basketball and Golf
Ronald "Ron" Heiden '54, Football
Joe "Herman" Gliwa '55, Football
William "Will" Jaslowski '56, Football
Leonard "Kuba" Pawlowski '56, Basketball
Michael "Mickey" Salzinski '56, Basketball
Don "Tuffy" Balicki '57, Basketball
Lawrence Wisniewski '59, Football
Brother Ambrose Nowak, C.S.C., 1941-47, 1958-61, Athletic Director, Champion for Athletics & Principal

Adam Sochacki '60, Football
Robert Glazik '67,
Brother Tom Henning, C.S.C., Athletic Director, Faculty & Staff 1958-70, 1989-92

Joseph Nee '70, Basketball
Marcus Overstreet '93, Basketball
Belinda Williams '93, Volleyball, Track & Field

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As a HT student, Henry was a basketball and baseball player and captain.  Orphaned at 16, he began his basketball coaching career in 1924 as a player-coach on the basketball team.  After graduating from HT and law school, he was hired as the first basketball and baseball coach to work in the newly constructed HTHS building at Division and Cleaver. The new gymnasium was completed under his tenure.

When Holy Trinity joined the Catholic League in 1945, Henry was head coach of the football team, while remaining head basketball and baseball coach.  He led the school to its first ever championship at the 1948-49 Fenwick Junior Basketball Tournament, with the underdog Tigers triumphing against their much bigger Catholic League rivals. He later served with distinction as President of the Catholic League Coaches Association and the co-coach of the Catholic League all-star baseball team against the Chicago Public League all-stars.  He also played professional basketball.  He was among the first group of inductees into the Catholic League Hall of Fame in 1963 and he was a charter inductee in the HTHS Athletic Hall of Fame in 1999.


2010 Athletic Hall of Fame Sponsors
John and Mary Raitt
Loretta F. Heiden (In memory of Ronald F. Heiden '54)
Frank Sikorski '44

Student-Athlete Sponsors
Dr. Richard Ciechanowski '55
Kimberly Hart '01
Gus Pasquini Sr. '51
Dolores A. Williams

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