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We had a busy Saturday, We had to set the alarm on a Saturday morning! I got home late on Friday night and could have used a few more hours of sleep, but Michelle was riding in a horse show in Oswego.  We watched her make several flawless rides, then we headed for the Morton Arboretum, where I met some Naperville students and parents for our weekly 12 noon GLOBE activities.  When we finished that, he headed out to see my grandson Jeff score 2 goals and get 2 assists to lead his Huskie Hockey team to victory.  We got home at 4, had a meal and I fell asleep watching the college game of the century.

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Michelle's horse likes to have his picture taken.

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Horse Show 021.jpg (129808 bytes) Michelle had plenty of  fans, cousin Amanda and Grandma (Above), Her Grandparents (Left) her Mom (Above) and her Dad (below)

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She made all of the 2 foot jumps!

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These pictures of Jeff and his team were taken the week before.  Jeff is the one in the white helmet.

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