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   Thanks to Connie, Manager of the Huskie  Squirt Black team for sending these pictures.  Latest news and Calendar can be found in Connie's Corner.

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1st row - Ranen Parry, Jake Smeraglia, Keelan Steinkamp, Kevin Hall, Shane Molidor, Eric Ogasawara
    2nd row - Jeff Lopatka, Michael Bliss, Enzo DiBacco, Mario Howard, Aaron Runkel, Matt Bicek, Kenny Specha, Adam Zielezinski
    3rd row - Ken Lopatka, Ken Specha, Chris Hall, Tom Sarich missing - Jonathan Sarich and Luke Trapp

Kevin and Eric

AdamZielezinski.jpg (60011 bytes)EnzoDiBacco.jpg (61457 bytes)
Adam and Enzo


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 Jeff and Eric

Jonathanrich.jpg (52067 bytes)Kennycha.jpg (64763 bytes)
Jonathan and Kenny

Lukepp.jpg (67905 bytes)Marioward.jpg (59336 bytes)
 Luke and Mario


Mattek.jpg (66534 bytes)Michaelss.jpg (74036 bytes)
Matt and Michael

Ranenry.jpg (71564 bytes)
Ranen and Shane/Aaron

AaronRunkel.jpg (55995 bytes)
Aaron and Keelan

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We're #1!

Connie's Corner
Hi Team,
Click here for the February Schedule. 

Click Here for Road Trip Pictures. Mid-Winter Classic Pictures

You should check out HockeyWeb.com .  That is where all of our statistics and schedules are.  They are now posted.  Give them a look.  Just select "Northwest Hockey League" on the first page.  Also, since you can look at all tiers and teams, remember that we are in the Squirt Red tier.

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