Michael turns 5 and Jeffery hits 14!

On Saturday, May 7th, 2005, we celebrated Michael's 5th birthday and Jeffery's 14th.  I posted 20 of the 167 pictures that I took below.  I'm glad that we are on permanent vacation, because we had a busy week end.  On Saturday and Sunday, I usually recover from a Friday night of hockey and celebrations.  This week, I drove to Chicago and picked up my Mom.  After the birthday party, she spent the night at our house, so that we could celebrate Mother's day at Debbie and Dan's house.

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r019.jpg (97068 bytes)

Grace jumped in Michael's car and went for a spin with the help of Aunt Debbie.

r039.jpg (132713 bytes)

Michelle showed off her garden, she takes after her Mom and Grandpa

r027.jpg (106099 bytes)

Then she went jumping on the trampoline. 

r043.jpg (147677 bytes)

Jeff and Michelle joined in.

r049.jpg (69770 bytes)

Audrey and her Mom watch the fun.

r050.jpg (134912 bytes)

They are really fling high now.

r054.jpg (85594 bytes)

Grace helps Michael open his presents.

r079.jpg (80232 bytes)

She found something that was more fun.

r061.jpg (60512 bytes)

Dan rocks his new daughter to sleep.

r128.jpg (68321 bytes)

Aunt Deb gets Grace ready to Sing.

4-30-05 121.jpg (315828 bytes)

Uncle Ken shows Michael how to play Safari.

4-30-05 120.jpg (315198 bytes)

Michael demonstrates how an alligator plays

r108.jpg (83556 bytes)

Audrey Takes a nap.  She likes it noisy.

r130.jpg (89844 bytes)

The girls check out the cake.

4-30-05 113.jpg (298434 bytes)

Michael can't put down the Alligator.

r132.jpg (85564 bytes)

Michael makes a wish.

r133.jpg (85830 bytes)

Jeff does the same.

r147.jpg (83429 bytes)

Michael gets cake on his nose.

r155.jpg (67596 bytes)

Audrey makes grandpa and great grandma smile.

r136.jpg (68803 bytes)

Grandma holds Grace as Dad looks on.

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