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2007 IESA Regional Champions!

We sent 18 batters to the plate in the first inning and we went on to score 21 runs in the first 4 innings. Melissa held the opponents to 1 run in 5 innings, so we won the Regional Championship 21-1!!!!

From the Romeoville Bugle September 19, 2007 Edition.

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championship 003.jpg (262953 bytes)

Melissa pitched a scoreless first.

championship 019.jpg (339936 bytes)
championship 020.jpg (244026 bytes)

Abby got us started with a lead off walk, than Katie (Right)  beat out a beautiful bunt that sent Abby to third.

championship 021.jpg (289925 bytes)
championship 026.jpg (134321 bytes)

Hattie dropped a blooper into left.

championship 032.jpg (170808 bytes)

Abby made sure it dropped and then scored the first run.

championship 034.jpg (163130 bytes)

Becka hit a shot to left that cleared the bases.

championship 038.jpg (234228 bytes)

Becka raced to third with a triple!

championship 069.jpg (192416 bytes)

Lauren drove in Becka with a bouncer to short.

championship 070.jpg (336829 bytes)

Becka slid in safely when they tried to cut her down at home.

championship 075.jpg (315326 bytes)

Michelle walked and Melissa singled her to third.

championship 081.jpg (314272 bytes)

Michelle raced toward home on a wild pitch.

championship 082.jpg (466764 bytes)

Here comes the throw, Michelle slides in safely with the 5th run.

championship 083.jpg (471747 bytes)
championship 126.jpg (583960 bytes)

18 Vikings batted in the first and 14 runs crossed the plate!

championship 127.jpg (255278 bytes)

Michelle blasted one over the centerfielders head for a triple.

championship 167.jpg (350983 bytes)

Melissa continued to mow down their hitters.

championship 168.jpg (327874 bytes)

She only allowed 1 run in 5 innings.

championship 175.jpg (978693 bytes)

When they did hit the ball, our defense was strong.

championship 177.jpg (252156 bytes)

Katie scoops up a grounder and flips it to Michelle for the out.

championship 178.jpg (306376 bytes) championship 192.jpg (374851 bytes)

Becka was on fire as she slams another triple!

championship 201.jpg (305410 bytes) championship 213.jpg (526629 bytes)
championship 215.jpg (202453 bytes)

Michelle was walked again and stole second with a great slide!

championship 216.jpg (257409 bytes)
championship 218.jpg (289982 bytes) championship 246.jpg (498054 bytes)
championship 247.jpg (380969 bytes)

There were hugs all around as the Vikings won 21-1.

championship 248.jpg (494219 bytes)
The girls from  Brooks School showed exceptional sportsmanship and congratulated the Vikings.  One girl came over to our dug out to tell Michelle what a great hit that she had.  That was special!
championship 262.jpg (474245 bytes) championship 265.jpg (588527 bytes)
championship 270.jpg (600541 bytes) championship 278.jpg (774280 bytes)
championship 279.jpg (805551 bytes) championship 280.jpg (774318 bytes)
championship 285.jpg (1272674 bytes) championship 284.jpg (787981 bytes)

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