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On May 24th, 2008, My Mom celebrated her 95th trip around the Sun.

2 years ago, we celebrated at the Old Warsaw for a Birthday feast.  For Mom's 94th birthday, we celebrated at Ken's air conditioned garage that has a beautiful epoxy heated floor and a giant 60 inch TV.  Ken got the food from Bonos restaurant and we had a great time, so we went there to celebrate her 95th Birthday.  

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We got everyone together here for a large group picture.  We had Mom's 2 sons and 2 daughters, 11 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren and 1 great great granddaughter.  

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Mom's sons and Daughters

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2 of Mom's in laws get into the picture. 

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Here is Mom with all of her Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and her Great Great Granddaughter.

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Mom got the dollar line going where she passed out 2 dollars at a time until $200 was gone.

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Mom got to see her latest Great Granddaughter who was only 9 days old!

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Audrey stops by to see her newest cousin, Ana, who was catching up on her sleep.

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We sang Happy Birthday and Petey joined in with  a bark.

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Grace and Audrey helped blow out the "95" candles.

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Mom's Great Great Granddaughter, Carmela, takes up the family game.

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Ken's Dog, Petey chewed a hole in this Michael Vick football.  I guess he doesn't like dog fights.


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Our son Ken and his family. 

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We enjoyed Chocolate Cigars for Ana's Birth.

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