Happy Mother's Day          






We started our Mothers day celebration a day early, when I picked up my Mom and took her to Kathie's House to celebrate Jeff's 15th and Michael's 6th Birthday.  (The pictures below can be enlarged with a left click, then you can use your browser's back button to return to this page)
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Uncle Ken helps Michael unpack his presents.


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After the party, I took my Mom over to Debbie and Dan's house to visit Asia, who was recovering from knee surgery.


(Above) Mom checks her blood pressure at Herb and Donna's house. On Sunday, Herb took Mom over to his house to celebrate Mother's Day with his Family.  When she saw her blood pressure was good, she ate a whole Schmeiserís hamburger all the while saying she could only eat half. 

(Below) Dan and Sabine had to miss the party due to a nasty flu that hit their household.  I posted a couple of photos from our visit on Tuesday 8.

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Sunday May 14 in Niles

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