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My Granddaughter Michelle has started her high school softball career this fall,  She played 2 games for the JV and had several hits, including a home run.  She was moved up to the varsity the following week.  She had a great double header on Saturday April 11, 2009.  She went 2 for 3 with a stolen base.  She also walked 3 times.  They went on to beat Oswego 5-4, Michelle batted in the first run.  They finished the season with a double header win on May 23.  Their season ended on Memorial Day, when they lost to Plainfield South 1-0 in the State playoffs. 

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Michelle's Picture and the following caption was in the Herald:  



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09-05-02 001.jpg (1468545 bytes)

These Pictures are from our rain shortened 1-0 loss

09-05-02 002.jpg (1372338 bytes)

We had the tying run on 3rd when the rains came

09-05-02 006.jpg (1423294 bytes) 09-05-02 007.jpg (1134212 bytes)
09-05-02 010.jpg (1327023 bytes) 09-05-02 011.jpg (1348862 bytes)
09-05-02 013.jpg (1356187 bytes) 09-05-02 018.jpg (1322318 bytes)

Argo 004.jpg (538307 bytes) Argo 005.jpg (354879 bytes)
Argo 037.jpg (1647871 bytes)

Michelle lined this pitch to right for a single.

Argo 039.jpg (1326433 bytes)

Elaina fires a strike

Argo 047.jpg (1349219 bytes) Argo 050.jpg (854112 bytes)
Argo 059.jpg (1113208 bytes) Argo 068.jpg (1200124 bytes)

This hit hurt us, as they scored 2 runs and we lost 4-3 in the opener.

Argo 074.jpg (832586 bytes) Argo 076.jpg (1336203 bytes)
Argo 087.jpg (872067 bytes)

Argo 098.jpg (1192944 bytes)

Argo 095.jpg (423789 bytes)

Michelle saves the sleeping Argo coach from a wide throw.

Argo 118.jpg (1341400 bytes)

This line drive is headed for right field

Argo 119.jpg (768100 bytes)

There it goes (Upper Left)

Argo 132.jpg (1529461 bytes) Argo 133.jpg (967988 bytes)
Argo 150.jpg (612220 bytes) Argo 151.jpg (696624 bytes)

She is stealing second.

Argo 152.jpg (339624 bytes) Argo 153.jpg (542105 bytes)
Argo 159.jpg (391352 bytes) Argo 160.jpg (264288 bytes)
Argo 182.jpg (950896 bytes) Argo 011.jpg (2077344 bytes)
Argo 014.jpg (985824 bytes)

The game ended when our pitcher hit a 3 run homerun.

Argo 013.jpg (1574719 bytes)

 They were all smiles after an 11-1 win!

The following pictures are from their Oswego 5-4 win

Oswego 004.jpg (1873218 bytes) Oswego 008.jpg (1572571 bytes)
Oswego 019.jpg (940438 bytes)

Michelle drove in the first run with a shot to second

Oswego 005.jpg (1165723 bytes)

She ducks under the high hard one

Oswego 028.jpg (1773754 bytes) Oswego 025.jpg (1229818 bytes)
Oswego 027.jpg (1316703 bytes) Oswego 010.jpg (948879 bytes)
Bradley 008.jpg (872221 bytes) Bradley 009.jpg (931085 bytes)
Michelle was called up to the varsity after she hit a homerun for the Junior Varsity.  Her first Varsity game was in Bourbonnais, The 50 mile drive was worth the on a cold Thursday afternoon.

Bradley 010.jpg (970163 bytes)

Bradley 001.jpg (1795210 bytes)

Mom and Grandma were bundled up

Bradley 011.jpg (428520 bytes)

 Thanks to Karen (Jami's mom), for the following pictures.  Michelle had a single to center, a walk and a steal of second against Reavis. 

DSC_0026.JPG (1975902 bytes) DSC_0029a.JPG (2346990 bytes)
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09-05-23 076.jpg (719317 bytes)

Michelle scores on a base hit, Alaina pitched a 2 hit shut out!

09-05-23 149.jpg (1869982 bytes)

We swept the double header with a 13-3 win in the night cap.

09-05-23 003.jpg (1522025 bytes)

After the game, the seniors were honored.

09-05-23 008.jpg (1161889 bytes)

The underclasswomen can't wait for the barbeque to start.

09-05-23 012.jpg (1426551 bytes) 09-05-23 014.jpg (910138 bytes)
09-05-23 015.jpg (584361 bytes)

Coaches McKinney and Douglas are all smiles after 2 wins over Thorton Fractional North.

09-05-23 031.jpg (1041664 bytes)

Michelle and Jennifer have some kind words for their departing senior teammates.

09-05-23 025.jpg (1396536 bytes) 09-05-23 021.jpg (799442 bytes)
09-05-23 016.jpg (1333755 bytes) 09-05-23 017.jpg (1297561 bytes)
09-05-23 050.jpg (1827269 bytes) 09-05-23 051.jpg (1223042 bytes)
09-05-23 069.jpg (1026967 bytes)

Michelle and Coach Douglas

09-05-23 053.jpg (929239 bytes)
09-05-23 054.jpg (1273631 bytes)

Michelle is presented with her Varsity Letter

09-05-23 068.jpg (1156019 bytes)

Michelle with Coach McKinney and her Mom.

09-05-23 063.jpg (998010 bytes) 09-05-23 061.jpg (884783 bytes)
09-05-23 052.jpg (869770 bytes) 09-05-23 065.jpg (1365044 bytes)
July 24, 2008 Under 14 Softball World Series 

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Michelle's 13th birthday party

I posted some pictures on the Lopatka Photo Site that is hosted by my nephew Mark. Click here to go there: http://photos.lopatka.com/main.php?g2_itemId=7179 




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