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Holy Trinity Golf Outing

September 9, 2000


The following pictures were taken by George Job. He mailed me the pictures and I scanned them in.  Thanks George! Ifyou want to see last year's pictures, go to : http://geocities.com/dlopatka/golf.html
I have numbered the pictures so that you can e-mail me captionswith the names of the golfers in the pictures.

Rick Dzingel's son felt sorry for me and delivered a like new RodneyDangerfield Golf Bag to me after he saw my old bag at the golf outing. Pictured above are 3 generations of  Bags. The Green one was purchasedby my Dad in the 50s for $10.00.  It came complete with a set of clubs.


MVC-011S.JPG (57068 bytes)
Don't you wish you had a chromium 5 iron likethe Macgregor forged mashie that is pictured above?
How about this hand forged  MashieNiblic 7 iron?

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(Left to Right) The King, Wheezer, Papa Joe andKeith Knutson. (Wheezer's Brother) These are my Hockey team mates.

(Left to Right) Greg Lopatka, Ken Lopatka, little Rick, Dan Lopatka and Rick Dzingel (son of Rich, class of 58). 

(Left to Right) Chester Galiga, Chester Lis and Bob Mousoff


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My sons, Dan, Ken and Grandson Jeff with me in 2004

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mashie is a lofted iron club that was introduced in the 1880's and is no longer in use. (except by Lopatka) Used for pitching with backspin. Another name for the number5 iron.
                              mashie-iron An iron club that had less of a loft than a mashie.  Used for driving and full shots through the green. Another name for the number4 iron.

mashie-Niblick An iron club, no longer in use, (except by Lopatka) with a loft somewhere between that of a mashie and a niblick. Club was used for pitching. Another name for the number 6 or 7 iron.
Niblick is an obsolete deep-bladed more steeply lofted than a mashie, used especially for playing from sand and from the rough, Old term for a 9 iron.