Duffers Win in Playoffs

Ahline, to give  the Duffers a 2 goal lead.  Thor Miller sparkled with some fancy footwork to make it 3-0. Tim Dubiel and Jeff Ahline assisted.
The Flyers came right back with a goal less than a minute later.
With only 13 seconds left in the period, Greg Lopatka deflected his son Ken's slap shot into the Goalie's pads, Ken raced in and poked in the rebound, for a 4-1 lead.
The Flyers cut the lead in half with a break-a-way goal early in the period.
Boris Pavichevich started a scoring spree with 5:29 left in the second period. His goal was the first of 4  in a 4 minute span. 
Thor Miller and Greg (Beak) Lopatka

sandwiched Duffer goals around a solo Flyer goal to end the 2nd period at with a 7-3 lead
The Flyers made a bid to come back, but Ken Lopatka scored his 40th goal of the 12 game season to dash any hopes the Flyers may have had.
Hat Trick for Pavichevich

Boris Pavichevich added 2 more goals in the closing minutes to give himself a hat trick and the Duffers a 10-5 play-off win.

The Downers Grove Duffers hockey team continued to roll in the summer league play-offs as they downed a tough Flyer team.
The win was sweet revenge for the Duffers because the flyers were the Duffer's Nemesis all season long.  Earlier in the season , the Flyers ended the Duffer winning streak at 6 games, with a 4-4 tie. Then they ended the Duffers unbeaten streak at 10 on the last game of the season.
The Duffers waisted no time Jumping on the Flyers.  Ken Lopatka scored an unassisted goal just 2 minutes into the game.  Vito Cermanka scored 7 minutes later on a pass from Jim

***Downers Grove Reporter***July 25,1992

Duffers Repeat History

young talented team that had downed the Duffers early in the season.
Don was right the Duffers could win without Tony.  Don scored a goal and his daughter Cammi notched a hat trick. The Duffers Won the championship 8-3!

Hat Trick For Cammi Granato

61 year old Muzzy gave the packed house a thrill as he just missed the post with a shot.  Earlier Muzzie had the bench in laughter when he tripped a Beer Cat Right in front of the bench. The Referee looked at Muzz and didn't have the heart to call a penalty on a guy 40 years older than the kid on the ice.  The kid looked at the referee in hope of a call, instead The Muzz said "Get up son", and the Duffer bench went up in laughter. 

Nine years ago, a group of men with an average age of 41, teamed up with sons to storm the Men's league and rack up a 10-2-1-Record. That was then ,this is now.
All of those Duffers are now over 50, and several are over 60.  Could they repeat in the 90s?  Their Opponents didn't get any older, they are still in their 20s.
Let's look at the roster.  There were over 40 names.  The Granato family filled up a whole page.  Don Granato Sr, his sons Don, Rob and Tony.  His nephews, Bob, Dan And Steven. Don's daughter Cammi, was the secret weapon this year.  Greg Lopatka had two sons and a very speedy nephew, Jay Buchanan.  Jim Miceli had 2 sons.  Frank Presecky had a son and son in law on the roster. Wally Kraft had his son Brian on the roster, but Brian was in Alaska

So as you can see the Duffers were Hoping the development of their offspring could more than make up for their decline.
The biggest problem the Duffers had, was getting their sons and daughter to the April and May games, because most of them were away at school. The Duffers suffered a pair of early losses because of the school factor, but after June, no one could come close to them. The Duffers finished in first place in the regular season.
  The most memorable game was the play-off finale. The Duffers couldn't count on a Pavichevich hat trick this time, because Boris was on crutches and his arm was in a cast.  Tony Granato , of the L.A.Kings was at the game but his dad wouldn't let him play.  Don figured we didn't need him, because his sister and brothers were in town.
  The opponents were the Beer Cats, a

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