0n September 30, 2006, we got together to celebrate Michelle's 12th Birthday. Kathie and Debbie's old friend, Debra "Next Door", who has been living in Florida since her family moved there years ago.  I searched the family photo albums for pictures of the kids when they were little, so here they are.

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These were taken when we had a 4th of July parade.  Kathie was wearing a crown as she rode my 70 year old Radio Flyer Red Wagon with he friend Debra.

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I can't tell if that is Ken or Timmy with the flag.  The kids were taped and bandaged up in the spirit of 1776. That is Debbie's Mom (Yellow outfit) organizing the troops.

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Debbie L, Debbie Q and Kathie

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Donna, Ken and Mark

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Ken and Mark Quish

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These were taken at camp Ravenswood when Kathie and 

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her cousin Jean worked as counselors at camp Ravenswood  

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Here's what it takes to become a good hockey player.  Put up some plywood, get out the hose and some water on a cold day. Then drop the puck!

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This is a Clydesdale from Grant's Farm in St. Louis.

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My 76 Cutlass at Camp Ravenswood

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Now for some Party Pictures

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Michelle gets to blow out the candles.

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Audrey stayed up way past her bed time and performed for everybody.  She was too tired to even finish eating her pretzel.  Go To Olden Days