Chicago Public Schools 

51st Anniversary Science Fair

Museum of Science and Industry March 26 -April 1, 2001


A Science Fair participant gets help at the Help Desk from Linda Carter, CSI/CUSP Facilitator Science Fair Inc. and Liz Jones   from the Dewey School. (Left)

View from the Balcony.


Exhibits Committee member Greg Lopatka poses with a former Randolph school student, Angela, who is now a Lindblom student. 

Katie tells Paul Vallas which bridge design has the best efficiency.

Exhibits Committee Chairperson, John Kent, welcomes the CPS Chief Education Officer, Cozette Buckney.

Senn High School student, Roopika, displays her winning project, Transmission of E.coli by fruit flies.


Exhibits Committee Chairperson, John Kent, welcomes the Student Science Fair, Chairman of the Board, Sheridan Turner.  Other Committee members that are pictured are Vice Chairperson Allen Nelson and Marvin Nachowitz,

Mayor Richard M. Daley thanked Teachers and parents for their support and encouragement of the students.


Science and Math Excellence Network, Math Specialist, Patricia Smith and Lewis Wright.

Mayor Daley gives the TV Media a friendly handshake.

Paul Vallas, CEO of the Chicago Public Schools thanks the sponsors, Kraft Foods, BP AMOCO, The Sun Times and Motorola for their support.

Student Science Fair, Chairman of the Board, Sheridan Turner, delivers an inspirational speech.

Paul Vallas spent many hours visiting and encouraging students.

Kinzie School Student, Julie displays her Aerospace project.




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