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Hot and Humid

July 15th, 2006 was the hottest day of the year. The temperature in Downers Grove reached 97.34 Fahrenheit Degrees on my shaded backyard deck.  That was a good day to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning.  What did I do?  First I converted the temperature to Celsius, now it was only 36.34 degrees Celsius. I love Celsius, I'm not even 19 years old when I convert my age to Celsius.  

At 8:00 A.M., my wife and I packed up a cooler and some lawn chairs and headed over to a nearby park, where we watched our granddaughter's Softball team win game one of a tournament.  When I saw that that game was in the bag,  I zipped over to Boilingbrook to watch my grandson Jeff's Baseball team get thumped pretty good.  

That game finished just in time for me to go home, change into a dry shirt, pick up my wife and head over to see Michelle's 12:00 game.  They lost a heart breaker, so I went home and got another dry shirt and headed over to watch Jeff's team lose a heart breaker.  I went home and watched the Cubs clobber the Mets 9-2.  I showered, put on my forth dry shirt of the day and prepared for Michelle's 6:00 P.M. game.  The poor girls were exhausted and their pitchers were out of gas, as they were eliminated from the tournament with their second loss.  The good news is we get to stay home on Sunday when the mercury approached 100.

I watched 3 baseball games and 3 softball games!


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A good day for Popsicles!

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This was the 8:00 Softball Game.

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I took this picture of After Jeff's 9:30 game.

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After watching 6 game, I headed over to Bonos Cruz in Saturday Night, Where I was able to see my Son's 57 Chevy Nomad, my grandson Jeff's 1980 Camero and my grandson Mike's 1987 Mustang.
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In March, April and May, I watched Ken and Jeff get a new garage.

I turned 65 on February 26th!  Click here for pictures 

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On February 15, we were blessed with our 7th grandchild.  Audrey gives us 4 Grand daughters and 3 grandsons.  Click here 

I do enjoy Baby sitting at the DuPage Children's Museum and the Fullersburg woods.

In July, Carole and I finally picked up our new 2004 Toyota Prius that we ordered last November.  The 60 miles per gallon is coming in handy as we visit my Mom after her fall and hip surgery in June.  Mom came home in September and is doing well after therapy.  See Family pictures.

My sister Pat came to town, so we took a trip with our sister Mary to Ohio, Niagara, Milwaukee and Toronto.  

I am working part time as a consultant with Morton Arboretum and the Naperville school system for the GLOBE program.  For more information about my involvement with the GLOBE program, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

I do some volunteer work for Holy Trinity and St. Rita High Schools.

Getting ready for the Duffer picnic keeps me pretty busy in May and June.

I golf once or twice a year and I go to 2 Jimmy Buffett concerts in August.

I went to Denver in March of 2004, to watch the Avalanche play 2 games.  We played 2 games too and I worked up a big thirst, but I behaved myself and stayed on my low carb diet and lost 20 pounds. 

We drove to El Paso, Texas right after Christmas for Ann's wedding.  We visited the Odessa Meteor crater on New Year's Eve 2003.  We stopped at Carlsbad Caverns on the way home.

In May, 2003 my brother, sisters and I threw a surprise party for my mom's 90th  Birthday.  Go to Mom's Party Pictures.

I love it!  I have a 3 hour lunch  at a tavern in Lemont, every Wednesday with my Hockey friends, I play Hockey with my kids and grand kids every Friday.  See Duffer News at: