Michelle's School Softball Team

I was very happy and proud of my granddaughter Michelle, when she tried out for the Middle School Softball team several weeks before school started.  Michelle got up early every day for 2 weeks of practice, and did not miss a game.

We missed watching softball this summer.  In seasons past, We watched my grandson Jeff play little league All Star baseball and he played on his Junior High team, then we watched my Granddaughter Amanda play on a super star studded team that went 20 and 0 in their last season.  Amanda's Championship Softball team

 I was rewarded on September 6, 2005 in Manooka, when Michelle took her spot at second base, while she was fighting a sore throat.  She made a diving back hand stop of a ground ball that was headed for center field.  She not only stopped it, but she flipped it to the short stop for a force out!  My only regret was that I didn't have video rolling.

8-30-05 010.jpg (322026 bytes)

The next day, we went to Homer Glenn and Michelle flawlessly scooped up 2 ground balls and made perfect throws to her best friend Mattie "Stretch Armstrong" at first base.  Michelle was given the game ball for her stellar defense!  


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Michelle's team saved their best game for the last game of the season. They stormed back with a 5 run inning to take a 12 to 10 lead in the top of the 6th, only to have it slip away for a 13-12 heartbreaker.


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