Michelle's Romeoville Revolution Softball Team

In seasons past, We watched my grandson Jeff play little league All Star baseball and he played on his Junior High team, Pony league, then we watched our Granddaughter Amanda play on a super star studded team that went 20 and 0 in their last season.  Amanda's Championship Softball team

In the Spring of 2007, Michelle joined the Romeoville Revolution 12 and under team. Click here to see May and June Pictures.  These are the Pictures for July, 2007.

Michelle and her team had another great game and picked up a thrilling 5-2 win.  Our pitching was the best of the season, and Michelle had another great game and was awarded the game ball.  She had an unassisted double play to get us out of a jam and a RBI double followed by a steal of third and home!

07-07-02 001.jpg (950642 bytes) 07-07-02 004cr.jpg (381736 bytes)

The lead run is on third and the pitch is on the way. 

07-07-02 005cr.jpg (304577 bytes)

Michelle hit a shot into left field and slid in safely with a double.

07-07-02 006cr.jpg (179981 bytes)

She  slid in safely with a steal of third.

07-07-02 007.jpg (1124868 bytes) 07-07-02 008cr.jpg (622068 bytes)

She dared the catcher to pick her off with a big lead.

07-07-02 009.jpg (192508 bytes)

As soon as the catcher took the bait, she stole home.

07-07-02 010cr.jpg (542456 bytes)

The girls line up for a post game hand shake.

07-07-02 013.jpg (577750 bytes) 07-07-02 015.jpg (1017810 bytes)

07-07-02 014.jpg (963292 bytes)

On July 6th, Michelle was nursing an injured toe and she wasn't sure that she could get her shoe on, let alone run.  
07-07-06 006.jpg (1858336 bytes) 07-07-06 008.jpg (1820560 bytes)
07-07-06 001.jpg (1775343 bytes) 07-07-06 009.jpg (1860222 bytes)
07-07-06 002.jpg (2026770 bytes) 07-07-06 022.jpg (1025739 bytes)
07-07-06 029.jpg (2194054 bytes) 07-07-06 025.jpg (882161 bytes)
07-07-06 031.jpg (1187965 bytes) 07-07-06 036.jpg (642898 bytes)
07-07-06 037.jpg (1137571 bytes) 07-07-06 038.jpg (912484 bytes)
07-07-06 067.jpg (573598 bytes) 07-07-06 068.jpg (558271 bytes)
07-07-06 069.jpg (672214 bytes)

You can see the ball jumping off of Michelle's bat, as she swings. 

07-07-06 070.jpg (652430 bytes)

A half second later, the ball is headed over the right fielder's head.  (See the yellow ball just above the fence)

07-07-06 078.jpg (567277 bytes)

Michelle is rounding second as the right fielder picks up the ball.

07-07-06 080.jpg (691991 bytes)

As she heads for third, the ball is in the air.  (Click the picture to see it.) Michelle slid in safely with a homerun!  

07-07-06 099.jpg (447509 bytes)

Here comes the throw. (Ball is far right above the fence)

07-07-06 100.jpg (419555 bytes)

The fine throw beats the wood be thief!

07-07-06 087.jpg (2198984 bytes) 07-07-06 073.jpg (489772 bytes)
07-07-06 053.jpg (1095965 bytes) 07-07-06 052.jpg (1513669 bytes)
07-07-06 046.jpg (1166559 bytes) 07-07-06 049.jpg (1159718 bytes)
07-07-06 045.jpg (1809463 bytes) 07-07-06 043.jpg (1614970 bytes)
07-07-06 088.jpg (58330 bytes) 07-07-06 089.jpg (65158 bytes)
07-07-06 090.jpg (91832 bytes) 07-07-06 092.jpg (75423 bytes)
07-07-06 106.jpg (438762 bytes)

(Right )Michelle's softball toe

toe.jpg (60109 bytes)


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