Michelle's Romeoville Revolution Softball Team

In seasons past, We watched my grandson Jeff play little league All Star baseball and he played on his Junior High team, Pony league, then we watched our Granddaughter Amanda play on a super star studded team that went 20 and 0 in their last season.  Amanda's Championship Softball team

In the Spring of 2007, Michelle joined the Romeoville Revolution 12 and under team.  The pictures on this page are from May and June.  Click here for July pictures. 


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Michelle gets a walk.

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  Then She steals second.

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She is on her way to third.

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She is ready to score.

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Michelle scores a lot of runs like this.

She takes ball 4, then runs to first.

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She rounds first and draws a throw.

  Then She steals second.

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She steals third,

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And scores in a cloud of dust on a wild pitch.

Here is my favorite, Michelle waits for a throw at third (the ball is left of center in line with the roof) and a runner is fast approaching, (Far right) Michelle caught the perfect throw and put the tag on the would be thief to end the inning.  We won 8-3!
07-06-03 003.jpg (728400 bytes)

Michelle stole second on a walk,

07-06-03 007.jpg (636627 bytes)

 but the slide skinned her knee

07-06-03 008.jpg (1153360 bytes) 07-06-03 009.jpg (1139975 bytes)

07-06-03 015.jpg (892618 bytes)

Michelle made a nice throw from short in the first inning.

07-06-03 013.jpg (250784 bytes)

She made a long stretch and scooped a dirt ball in the 2nd.

07-06-03 016.jpg (325234 bytes)

Michelle stole third 

07-06-03 017.jpg (405112 bytes)

Then scored on a wild pitch.

The rain came down sideways, but we were able to get the final out on a pop up to Michelle at third.  Another win!!

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We lost a heart breaker in extra innings, Michelle pulled a muscle sliding in with the potential winning run.

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Michelle played her first game in pain that was caused by her new braces.  She doubled in 2 runs and got a walk.

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On June 29, 2007, Michelle had her finest game, when she singled up the middle in he first at bat, stole second and third and scored on a ground out.  In her second at bat, she beat out an infield single, stole second and third and scored on a bunt.  In the 5th inning, she scoped up a ground ball and stepped on first.  The next batter hit a shot right over the first base that was headed into the corner for an extra base hit, but Michelle made a great back hand grab and stepped on first!  On her third at bat, she smoked one over the right fielder's head.  By the time they tracked it down, Michelle slid across home plate with a thrilling Home Run!  It was a night game, so I didn't bring my camera, I'm going to have to get a new low light camera.
07-06-30 027.jpg (508470 bytes) 07-06-30 031.jpg (508812 bytes)
07-06-30 030.jpg (510098 bytes)

Michelle got the game ball after she pitched!

07-06-30 004.jpg (530216 bytes)
Michelle slides in safely!

07-06-30 003.jpg (535458 bytes) 07-06-30 014.jpg (529476 bytes)
07-06-30 028.jpg (562046 bytes) 07-06-30 022.jpg (521494 bytes)


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