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Wednesday, August 22,  We finally got a break from the rain and we played in 93 degree weather in Coal City.  We had an 11-3 lead that evaporated thanks to bad call that would have sent home with a 7 inning win.  Michelle scooped a ground ball, stepped on first for one out then fired a strike to home where Trish put the tag on the runner who tried to score with head first slide.  We were celebrating a beautiful double play, but the Umpire spoiled our victory with a safe call that sent us into extra innings.  Michelle had to be helped off of the field in the 9th when the heat and humidity got to her.  We lost 12-11 in 9 innings.  The girls had a long hot bus ride home.
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august2008 031.jpg (1048828 bytes)

Melissa jacks a drive to right center for a triple!

august2008 032.jpg (1274691 bytes)
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Michelle was cooked after 8 and a half hot innings.

Monday, August 13, The Vikings finished the August 6th game that was called because of lightning.  Michelle singled up the middle to end the game at 12-2.  They played the regularly scheduled game after that and won that one 10-3 without Michelle's help.  She sat out with an upset stomach.    

Friday, August 10, The Vikings lost the first game of the Tournament, then came back to win the night cap.  On Saturday,  they dropped a heart breaker, 9-8.  They came back to win the 2:30 game 5-4 to advance to the championship game, but they lost another close one to finish 4th out of 14 teams. 
07-08-11 020.jpg (1204204 bytes)

Ground ball to Michelle......

07-08-11 021.jpg (1191961 bytes)

She scoops it up.......

07-08-11 024.jpg (1086760 bytes)

Runs to the bag.........

07-08-11 025.jpg (1065998 bytes)

and wins the race easily!

07-08-11 056.jpg (825559 bytes) 07-08-11 059.jpg (727074 bytes)
07-08-11 065.jpg (563558 bytes) 07-08-11 066.jpg (574831 bytes)
07-08-11 028.jpg (651444 bytes)

Here comes the pitch...........

07-08-11 029.jpg (653511 bytes)

There it goes!

07-08-11 050.jpg (684006 bytes)

She swings, there it goes...... 

07-08-11 055.jpg (551706 bytes)

The race is on........

07-08-11 044.jpg (662475 bytes) 07-08-11 036.jpg (1364208 bytes)



Wednesday, August 8, at 4:00, The Vikings lost their first game of the year, a thrilling 18-16.  They fell behind in the first 8-0, then stormed back to take the lead 11-10.  Fell behind 18-11, then almost pulled it out in the 7th with 5 runs.

07-08-08 015.jpg (507243 bytes)

Wild pitch (Above) hear comes the throw and the runner (Right) She slides, she is safe! (Below)

07-08-08 016.jpg (986342 bytes)
07-08-08 017.jpg (567395 bytes) 07-08-08 002.jpg (352173 bytes)
07-08-08 039.jpg (549772 bytes) 07-08-08 048.jpg (538449 bytes)
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07-08-08 072.jpg (339467 bytes) 07-08-08 073.jpg (397367 bytes)
07-08-08 081.jpg (1081351 bytes) 07-08-08 085.jpg (1579498 bytes)
07-08-08 090.jpg (1199577 bytes)

Here comes the pitch....

07-08-08 092.jpg (452057 bytes)

Melissa swings and there it goes!

07-08-08 038.jpg (826271 bytes) 07-08-08 100.jpg (508954 bytes)
Monday, August 6, at 4:30, Michelle's school team won their 3rd game of their season.  They are 3-0!

Michelle went 1 for 3 in a rain shortened game that was called when lightning approached in the bottom of the 4th. She singled up the middle to drive in our second run.  She flied out to left in her second at bat.  

07-08-06 007.jpg (383463 bytes)

Here comes the pitch....

07-08-06 008.jpg (410998 bytes)

There it goes, over the pitchers head....

07-08-06 009.jpg (314044 bytes)

Over the fielders head...

07-08-06 010.jpg (316539 bytes)

Into center field for a 2 out, RBI single!

07-08-06 012.jpg (462374 bytes)

On the next pitch, Michelle headed for second....

07-08-06 014.jpg (343223 bytes)

The catcher had trouble getting a grip on the ball.....

07-08-06 015.jpg (332918 bytes)

The throw is on the way....

07-08-06 016.jpg (329399 bytes)

Here comes the ball, a stolen base!

07-08-06 003.jpg (389911 bytes)

She swings, the ball jumps off of the bat....

07-08-06 005.jpg (290099 bytes)

There it goes,............... foul ball.


2 Games, 2 Wins!

On August 4th, Michelle's school team started the season with a double header win!  Michelle had a great day with the bat and the glove.  She had 3 RBI with a hit, a sacrifice fly, and a bases loaded walk.  She also scored a run when she scored from second on a wild throw.  She slid in with a cloud of dust! Her best plays came on defense while playing first base.  She snagged a line drive and fired a strike to second to double off an aggressive runner.  She got the next batter when she grabbed another line drive.  A few innings latter, She made a dive to her left and scoped up a hard hit grounder and stepped on the bag.  She pulled a low throw out of the dirt, to retire her old friend Mattie and she fielded several routine grounders.  They have a great team, with two of our best pitchers from the Romeoville Revolution team.  We have a slick fielding shortstop that also pitches that played for Plainfield.  The outfield looked solid too, as they made some nice catches and turned a double play.  Our catcher is solid and second base looked good too.  I can't wait for the next game.  

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2games 001.jpg (1712814 bytes)

The Coach congratulates the girls after their first win.

2games 003.jpg (1703229 bytes)

Michelle has 10 minutes to have a sandwich and some grapes.

2games 004.jpg (1375944 bytes) 2games 005.jpg (1512432 bytes)
2games 008.jpg (938689 bytes) 2games 010.jpg (959053 bytes)
2games 014.jpg (405533 bytes) 2games 015.jpg (299719 bytes)
2games 016.jpg (479731 bytes) 2games 018.jpg (445726 bytes)
2games 021.jpg (293565 bytes) 2games 051.jpg (1915709 bytes)
2games 048.jpg (2272729 bytes) 2games 054.jpg (1576626 bytes)
2games 056.jpg (1782495 bytes) 2games 059.jpg (1362082 bytes)
2games 060.jpg (1385879 bytes) 2games 061.jpg (1894197 bytes)

Michelle's coach gave her the game ball after game 2 .

Michelle, a dust covered girl, couldn't wait to get in the shower.

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