Duffer Hockey News #101. March, 1997 Road trip to Hayward Wisconsin where we saw the Hale-Bopp Comet. 

This is Issue #101

Duffers help Bombers win 2nd Straight Beer Drinking Trophy

game 3-2 , then lost the night cap 4-1 to the team they beat for the championship game 2 years ago when Bryja  mellowed out their meanest player with a Strohs while the Zamboni was making ice after the second period. 
The Bombers were disqualified from the 3rd (meaningless) game when their goalie tipped over the net after a disputed goal.  So we got to go home early.
The luxury coach left the Oakbrook shopping center at 10:20 AM on Friday morning March 14th , with the following players:  The Bagh Wan, Papa Joe, Beak, Tweedy, Wheezer, Koss, Dzingel, Draino, Dock, Brinks, Robby, Stump, Larry, Beernuts, Harvey Mazurk and
After 7 hours of laughter, we were in Hayward.  Our first challenge was to make 3 good lines with the crew we had. 
We were playing an 18 and 19 year old Musky team, and we were able to stay close thanks to Stump and his Hayward Horse shoe.  The Muskies took a 2 goal lead late in the first period. 
Harvey Scored the Meaningful winner in the waning minutes of the first period.  It was a sure winner because they didn't have

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1996 Hayward Trip We saw Comet Hyakutake

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