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May 12/2000 Duffer News
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July 1, 2000 Reporters Cammi Granato *** Rich Storm


Cammi's Golden Dreams Celebrity Charity Game!
Saturday July 1 at the Edge Ice Rink in Bensenville

The pictures and videos from the Cammi Granato hockey camp and the Golden Dreams Charity Celebrity Game are located below. You may copy and use these pictures to spread the word about the wonderful work that is being done by the Granato family.  I only ask that you let me know where they are being used so I can add them to my Cammi scrap book.
 More information can be found at: http://www.granatohockey.com/


 Cammi takes a "break".

Cammi and her old bantam coach, Beak.


 Cammi works out.

Rob waits for Cammi to finish a call with the Media.


Peoria Rivermen Coach Don Granato.

Coach Don gives some advice to the girls.


  These Girls can play!

There is plenty of help for campers. 


Watch number 21.

Rob takes some time off ice to answer questions.


 Tippy Toes Girl.

You had to get by these Duffer "tough guys" if you didn't have a ticket.

Click on the links below to see a 5 second video form
the Granato Hockey camp.
 Coach Don Granato
These Girls can play
Cammi Baby Sits
Golden Dreams Videos
More Intros
Men's Locker Room
Women's Locker Room
Puck Drop
Opening Face-off
Cammi scores
Game action

Golden Dreams Game Day


 Pre Game Ceremony

Rob Granato and ESPN's John Saunders get ready for the game.


Bernie Nichols and Tony Granato get ready. 

Rob Granato and his dad, Brinks, are ready for the game.


 Duffer security was everywhere.  Beer Nuts and Skeeter play with their radios.

Rick (Left) is watching for beer smugglers as Frankie, Agi and Ken watch the game.


The Blackhawk Alumni looked really tough when Cliff Koroll showed up with his left eye blackened.

Keith Magnason (front) received a major penalty for running Brinks in the first period.


Tony's Shark jersey was auctioned off for over $500.

Cammi's jersey brought in $1000. Klinger! Where were you?


The second half is about to begin.

Tony thanks Stan Makita for coming.


 Don Granato Sr.  (Left) listens to the the locker room stories.

Kevin Granato (Right) listens to the locker room stories.

Click on the goalie for more pictures on page 2

Duffer Calendar
July 7 Second Summer Skate
July 27 Jimmy Buffett
July 29 Jimmy Buffett
August 4 Third Summer Skate
September 9 Golf Outing $30 includes
Food, drinks and 9 holes at Waveland
USA Hockey

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