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Bolingbrook, IL 8/13/04
Attendance 22

The final summer game had very little  scoring as Eddie The Anvil carried a shut out well into the second period.  Peoria Art gave him a 2 goal cushion early into the game, then he spent the rest of the night trying to set up a meaningful goal.  Magoo and Beer Nuts had several great chances, but Brian the Brain brought his A game and shut everyone down.  Late in the second period, Eddie's son, Nick the Lil' Anvil,  finally put one past His Dad.  It was ruled a Duffer Incest Goal.  Goal tending continued to rule until midway through the 3rd period when Back Hand Johnny Z cut in front of the net and took a spill that mesmerized Eddie and set off a round of laughter.  While everybody was cracking up, JZ flipped the tying goal past The Anvil without getting up.  It looked like the 2-2 score would hold up until Johnny feathered a pass to Beak, who just returned from the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.  Watching hours of Hockey videos must have paid off as he fired a wrist shot into

Beak admires the hockey sculptures outside of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

the far corner to score the winning goal for the Brain and his Whites.  Doc added a buzzer beater goal to ice the game 4-2 Meaningless and 1-0 Meaningful. 

Duffer Dues are Now Due
The cost of Ice Rental was raised

Dues will stay at $250, however our weekly skate will cost $10 starting on September 3rd.  That is Labor Day Week end, so stay home and have some Duffer Fun.

This is just one of 3 Cammi Granato displays that you can see in the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

DCP_2137.JPG (168113 bytes)

The Young Duffers.

DCP_2138.JPG (145420 bytes)

Beak went to the Hockey Hall of Fame. .

DCP_2139.JPG (345162 bytes)

Team Canada won this in 1972

DCP_2143.JPG (183019 bytes)

Wayne's World.

DCP_2144.JPG (188610 bytes)

The Chicago Stadium.

DCP_2148.JPG (174211 bytes)

The Boston Garden.

 DCP_2165.JPG (173216 bytes)

One of 3 displays with Cammi's Jerseys

DCP_2164.JPG (170642 bytes)

Cammi's Jersey and Bye's Glove. 

DCP_2153.JPG (143863 bytes)

Another of Cammi's Jersey.

DCP_2161.JPG (153090 bytes)

The Lady Bing Trophy.

DCP_2158.JPG (177465 bytes)

I thought I was in church.

DCP_2156.JPG (189170 bytes)

Frank, Beer Nuts and Beak were in Peoria for this.

DCP_2162.JPG (169604 bytes)

The modern Stanley Cup.

DCP_2160.JPG (169732 bytes)

Lord Stanley's original Cup.

 DCP_1989.JPG (387063 bytes)

I took my sisters to see the falls

DCP_1889.JPG (71459 bytes)

We saw some Great Rainbows.

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