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I decided to post my Holiday pictures on a web page.  These pictures are thumbnails that can be enlarged by clicking on them.  You can use your back button to return to this page.

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I saw that aluminum trees were coming back this year, so I dug this tree out

of the attic.  The color wheel and rotating stand still worked.  Notice the

Chicago Cub train under the tree.

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We had an upstairs tree (right) and a downstairs tree.

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We started the holidays with a trip to the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton

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(Left to Right) Michelle, Grace, Michael, Debbie, Sabine, Kathie and Carole.

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Christmas Day, I went over to Mom's house, so that she could show me how to make her famous potato Dumplings.  I video taped the entire process.

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When the dumplings were ready, I brought mom to my house for Christmas Dinner.  

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(Left) The Kids load up their plates.  (Right) Grace turns on the TV and plays a video tape.

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(Left) Dan tries on an old helmet.  (Right) Mike tries on his new welder's helmet.

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Time for desert!

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(Left) Grace checks out her new toy.  (Right) Big Mike and little Mike have a dinosaur fight.

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(Left) My Mom and Debbie.  (Right) All six of our grandchildren with Carole and Me.

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(Left) All six of our grandchildren.  (Right) All six of our grandchildren with their great grandmother.

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(Left) Our four kids with their grandmother  (Right) Our kids and their spouses.

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(Left) Carole Mom and Me.  (Right) Debbie, Kathie and their nephew Mike.

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Dan Sabine and Grace

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