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We had a good start to the New Year. We brought in the New Year at Dan's house, we watched Grace, while Dan and Sabine partied.  

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We played Hockey at 11:30 on January 1st.  My son, Ken, scored 3 goals for our team, but my 13 year old Grandson, Jeff, scored the go ahead goal for the opponents.  (I knew We should have put him on our team.)  My nephew Jay scored a goal and tried his best to get me a goal.  He managed to spring me for 2 break always, but I just made the goalie look good.

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After the game, we had a family skate from 1-3.  My Daughter Kathie brought her kids out for the event. I put shin guards on little Mike and he liked to scoot around on his knees better than his skates.  Jeff pulled him around on a sled and he loved that.



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Michelle is really good on her skates.  Nick and Lauren had a ball.  Nick was our referee!



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On Saturday Night we went to Dawn (Nowak) West's House in Elgin.  Carole and her sister in law, Judy Nowak. (Left) Carole's brother Eddie, his daughter, Dawn and great grandson, Zan. (Right)


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I kept Grace and Mike going with a lion hunt, then they kept me going with their antics.


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Lynn and her husband, Tom. (Left)   My kids, Debbie and Dan.  (Right)