GLOBE Surface Temperature

Naperville Community Unit School District 203

December 20, 2007

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Mr. Lopatka used a Fluke 63 Surface Thermometer that was chilled to the outside temperature. (That Prevents shock when a warm thermometer goes out into the cold)

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We measured the dept of the snow in millimeters, then we took the Celsius temperature of the snow at that point.  (Our snow dept measured between 90 and 108 Millimeters.)

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We took surface temperature readings at 9 different spots.

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Students recorded the Universal Time of each reading.

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We also checked the cloud cover and cloud types.  The Therm- ometer maxed out at -40 degrees when it was pointed at the sky.

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Students had fun getting outside for this activity.  They had many more questions than answers.

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We took the student's data back into the school.  The surface of the snow was between -2.8 and -0.2 Celsius. The sidewalk was + 4 C.

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We discussed some of our data and looked for patterns.  We talked about the difference of Albedo of the snow and the sidewalk.  

Ms. Kouri logged on to the GLOBE Site, where she defined our site, and entered the data into the GLOBE data base.  Students and Mr. Lopatka were able to watch the process on the screen, so that students will be able to enter the data next time.  Highlands School joins 32 other schools from around the world in the Surface Temperature Field Campaign led by Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Associate Professor at The University of Toledo. 

The following is a list of schools that are taking surface temperatures:

Roswell Kent Middle School, Akron, Ohio, USA  37 observations

Rockhill Elementary School, Alliance, Ohio, USA  28 observations

Dalton High School, Dalton, Ohio, USA  64 observations

Chartiers-Houston Jr./Sr. High School, Houston, Pennsylvania, USA

Cloverleaf High School, Lodi, Ohio, USA  37 observations

The Morton Arboretum Youth Education Dept., Lisle, Illinois, USA

Mill Creek Middle School, Comstock Park, Michigan, USA

Kilingi-Nomme Gymnasium, Parnumaa, Estonia  22 observations

Polaris Career Center, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, USA

National Presbyterian School, Washington, DC, USA

White Cloud Public, White Cloud, Michigan, USA  33 observations

Blue Valley High School, Stilwell, Kansas, USA 

Perkins Middle School, Akron, Ohio, USA

Steeple Run School, Naperville, Illinois, USA

Kittrell Elementary School, Waterloo, Iowa, USA

Lorain Community College Early College High School, Elyria, Ohio, USA  46 observations

Ingomar Middle School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 

Moosewood Farm Home School, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA  21 observations

Roxboro Middle School, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA  28 observations

Ida Elementary School, Ida, Michigan, USA 

Whitehall High School, Whitehall, Michigan, USA - 22 observations

Taaksi Basic School, EE2914, Viljandimaa, Estonia

Birchwood School, Cleveland, Ohio, USA  34 observations

Gimnazium in Toszek, Toszek, Poland  20 observations

Waynesboro Senior High School, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, USA 

Eastwood Middle School, Pemberville, Ohio, USA

Orange Elementary School, Waterloo, Iowa, USA

Estes Park High School, Estes Park, Colorado, USA

Hudsonville High School, Hudsonville, Michigan, USA

University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, USA

Main Street School, Norwalk, Ohio, USA - 20 observations
This chart shows the Albedo (Latin for White) of different materials and helps explain why the 
surface temperature of the snow was much colder than the sidewalk. 
Click here for more on Surface Temperature and freeze up studies.



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