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Huskie  Squirt Red Pee Wee team won the tournament in the Wisconsin Dells on January 12, 2003 I have reduced the pictures to thumbnails for faster loading.  Just click on the thumbnail to see the full size picture.  Use your back button to return to this page.



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Where is Moose Jaw?

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3 feet from his Butt.

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Noodles has a cup of Noodles


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"T" scores 5, Pete closes the Door.

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The Fans went crazy!  Lil' Mike takes the ice.

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We had fun at the pool

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Uncle Ken put an ice cube in Lil' Mike's swim suit. (Above Right)

Mike digs in and

 gets the ice cube out

Lil' Mike eats the ice cube.  Watch for Mike on America's Funniest Videos

Amanda takes Mike for a splash.

Lil' Mike gets the boys going before the big game.

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