Duffer News #18 Hayward Mini-Bus Trip in 1995



ended.  We were now down to 16 Duffers for the journey.
I can't remember many things that happened in Hayward.  Maybe after the locker room and the bar, I'll have more to tell you.  I do remember my motel door being kicked in at 3 in the morning, live minnows flipping around in Stumps crease, Tweedy's team winning the tournament,
Harvey shopping, Farging icehole, guitar music on the limo, Bluto taking a beer to a despondent opponent, the beer trophy being stolen, waiting for Muzzy, and I remember being in a bar where people knew me and there were nature displays by a taxidermist on acid.  I know we spent close to $3,000.  As you can see below, transportation and shelter dwarfed our food and beer bills.  Nobody went to the casino,  We learned something in Green Bay.
*The Limo was a mini bus that had no toilet.  We used 2 liter bottles to avoid pee stops.

Last year we left for Hayward in 2 Vans after a Friday night skate and a midnight meal.  Everyone agreed the weekend was too short.  So this year we decided to leave on Friday morning.  Why not leave on Thursday night?  Maybe next year. 
The Holiday Inn in Elmhurst was rented for Thursday, and the weekend began.  5 Duffers slept there in one giant bed.  I don't know how and I didn',t ask.
Friday started with a bang.  The bus company said the 39 seat coach was on the way.  We were all surprised to find a 1994 25 seat Limo* with a trunk big enough for 17 hockey bags.. 
Klinger showed up with a terminal case of Diarrhea.  He had a tense ride to the Elmhurst Holiday Inn, where he jumped off and sprinted to the Crapper.  Unfortunately, that is where his trip

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