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Donny Granato was happy with his first coaching win since September.  His Dad scored the first goal on the first shift (thanks to hard work by T&A and Beak). Brandi, their 98 pound goalie gave the Duffers fits for a while after that.  The Rampage fired a shot that The Anvil deflected onto the cross bar and out of harms way to protect the fragile 1 goal lead. Brinks scored again to relax the tense Duffers a little and then Art (Who was behaving himself, He resisted the urge to crank a blistering slap shot at Brandi) slid an ice hugging pass to Beak that missed everyone and went into the net.  Magoo added a 4th and Dave Young made it 5-0. 

When the Duffers got that 5 goal lead, Mr. Clean started playing up to the ladies with his creative penalties. It worked, the ladies were all over him at the cook out as they showered him with appreciative hugs and praise for a job well done.  After Beak told Brandi, "Nice save" and slapped her on the leg pads, Mr. Clean gave him 2 minutes in the sin bin for slashing.  He later gave the Rampage a 5 on 3 power play and Coach Granato let Harvey go out and kill that one.  Harvey was the10th man on a 3 line rotation (Harvey learned to change quickly, we need Donny coaching every week).  Boris whistled the Duffers for too many men on the ice and gave them another 5 on 3 power play.  Eddie was stellar in that White sweater and picked up a shut out.

Everyone had a great time with the Rampage women as "Big Tree" cooked hot dogs, cheddar sausages and Cheese Burgers.  (She had a hot Mom in her 60s who was having a great time being a younger woman around all of the vintage Duffers) Klinger, the eating machine, ate one of everything.  There was beer left over, thanks to Brinks and Mini Wheezer.

The Rampage women want a rematch with no one under 50 on our team next time.  I get the feeling we are getting set up for a beating, but we like the thought. We didn't have to do what Bill BTW suggested on Friday,  He said, in a heavy Canadian accent, "Don't mess with them, Drop the gloves and deck them"

Klinger mentioned on Friday that we could never get a rematch if we won, so a loss would not be that bad.


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Standing Left to Right; Klinger, Art, Skeeter, Geno, Papa Joe, Beak, Dave, Mini wheezer, Mr. Clean, V-Man, T&A, Harvey, Kneeling Left to Right; Magoo, The Anvil, Thor, Crash, Brinks and Big Buff.  

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The girls standing from left to right are: Fingers, Oh Two, Eggs, (Two men) Therese, Barbie, (Man and the Granato imposter),  Poodle (not dressed) and Clams. 

Middle row from left to right are: Alo, Grunter, Big Tree, Vicki and Andrea.

The girls in the front row from left to right are: Brandi, Cactus and Dani.

Rampage Women's Hockey is a 38-women, not-for-profit 501(c)(7) organization and members of the Women's Central Hockey League.  We have three teams - beginner, intermediate, advanced - and our home rink is IIC, Romeoville.  We can be found at www.rampagehockey.org .
Last fall, our teammate, Lisa Kross mailfromlk@sbcglobal.net  was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease and has been undergoing chemotherapy.  She begins radiation shortly.  Lisa has the same diagnosis Mario Lemieux beat in 1993.  He has been Lisa's role model & key inspiration in getting her through this tough time -- made tougher when she broke her ankle last month trying to stay on the ice through her treatments.  She's a stubborn chick, let me tell you...  
We had previously raised money for a young leukemia patient by selling an opportunity to skaters to "pack a bench" and play hockey against a full women's team, but decided to kick MLF Nite up a notch by adding raffle baskets and silent auction items.  They were quite the hit and were key to exceeding our expectations for raising money.

The May 1st 2010 event at the International Ice Centre in Romeoville drew 40 skaters (some played two games) and approximately 60 spectators.  Save for a few silent auction items that have not been collected yet, we raised ~ $2500 and will send the check to the Mario Lemieux Foundation http://www.mariolemieux.org/  which is dedicated to raising funds for cancer and neonatal research as well as Austin's Playroom Project, an initiative that creates sibling playrooms in medical facilities.  We will also use part of that money to purchase a "quilt square" in Mario's Mosaic and donate the remainder to the Foundation.  The group shot taken Sat. will be our quilt square.
If you have any more questions, let me know!
Maria Lizotte, manager mlizotte@rampagehockey.org
Rampage Women's Hockey 

More pictures from MLF Night are posted at: http://s1003.photobucket.com/albums/af152/RampageHockey/MLF%20Fundraiser%20Night/

goalies.jpg (284216 bytes) 5-1-2010 MLF 001.jpg (1135526 bytes)
5-1-2010 MLF 005.jpg (1241456 bytes)

Standing Left to Right; Klinger, Art, Skeeter, Geno, Papa Joe, Beak, Dave, Mini wheezer, Mr. Clean, V-Man, T&A, Harvey, Kneeling Left to Right; Magoo, The Anvil, Thor, Crash, Brinks and Big Buff.  

5-1-2010 MLF 009.jpg (1162594 bytes)

Duffer Coaches from Left to Right; Technical adviser, Dan Lopatka, (He got that job by bringing his dry markers) Video coordinator, Steve Granato (He has a camera phone), Female Psyche Specialists, Rob Granato and Head coach Don Granato.

5-1-2010 MLF 013.jpg (799113 bytes)

Thor is spreading the word that he is looking for work and will do anything to please.

5-1-2010 MLF 019.jpg (742972 bytes)

The  Anvil was not happy when he found out that he had to wear his white sweater, notice it is in mint condition. No puck marks!

5-1-2010 MLF 016.jpg (1007024 bytes)

Thor walks away disappointed when Eggs refuses to show him how she got her nickname…Goldilocks is looking on in the back.

5-1-2010 MLF 015.jpg (1315628 bytes)

Grunter and Barbie are taking point in the picture next to that one.

5-1-2010 MLF 020.jpg (1071750 bytes) 5-1-2010 MLF 021.jpg (706510 bytes)
5-1-2010 MLF 023.jpg (958611 bytes)

The team exchanged extremely friendly hand shakes after the game

5-1-2010 MLF 025.jpg (1098304 bytes)

The teams try to get organized for a group picture, Papa gives up.

5-1-2010 MLF 027.jpg (1164266 bytes) 5-1-2010 MLF 029.jpg (1179131 bytes)
5-1-2010 MLF 036.jpg (938772 bytes) 5-1-2010 MLF 037.jpg (921779 bytes)
5-1-2010 MLF 038.jpg (1225673 bytes)

Terry and Klinger made the cook happy by eating everything.

5-1-2010 MLF 039.jpg (1163831 bytes)

A big thank you to Big Tree for grilling up some great food.

5-1-2010 MLF 043.jpg (909461 bytes)

T&A, Thor and Crash try to empty the beer cooler without success.

5-1-2010 MLF 047.jpg (1039570 bytes)

Mrs. Nance is politely amused with a Thor T&A Tale.

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