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The 2014 Holy Trinity High School Golf Outing.

How to be a hockey player  http://youtu.be/6KoaMBvw9q8

We had a gaggle of Duffers (14) show up this year.

Bob Friedlander won the longest drive.  (He drove several hundred miles to join in the fun)

This is my old quarterback who organizes these events.

My son Dan brings his father in law Fred every year.

Papa Joe, his Sons and Grandsons led the way.

I followed with Dan, Fred and Geno.

These lefties showed us how to play.

Geno and Dan put us on the green, but we had few birdie puts.

These Trees too my breath away, "Only God can make a Tree."

This is my Dad's club.  I wondered why McGregger would stamp swastikas on a club, but I found out that it was a symbol of good luck by many cultures before Hitler made it infamous.

We had a fine cookout after we finished.

On the way home, we got hit with a thunder storm.

2013 we had Greg Z, Brinks and T&A join us.

Thor showed him how to hit that little ball.



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