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March 16, 2001 
Reporters Cammi Granato ***** Rich Storm

Brinks Beats Tweedy!
Friday 3/9/01
Brinks finally broke his Tweedy Jinks as he got the game winner.  He scored 3 in the San Jose` Shark Tank on Sunday against the Russian goalie.  Beer nuts and Klinger had 4 for the Blues. Friedlander tied it for the Whites and Beak got the game winner.  I can’t remember who scored on Monday, so e-mail me or get me a beer and I’ll post it.  I know Mini Wheezer scored on a pass from Wheezer.  He said “You complete me” The game was decided with a shoot out that saw both goalies stopping all shots, until Beak Jr, ended it with a shot past Stump.

Game Winners!!
Beak (right) beat the Russian Goalie to win 
Sunday's game.  Beak Jr. (left) got the only 
goal in the shoot out on Monday

   Saturday 3/10/01
Peoria, March 31 !!


 1998 San Jose trip.

 The Peoria Rivermen

 Worcester Ice Cats 

Team San Jose!
janjteama.JPG (161317 bytes)

(Back Row Left to Right) Russian Goalie, Mini Wheezer, Klinger,
Beer-Nuts, Zagnuts, Knarf, Wheezer, Thor, Emily and Doc 
(Front Row) Zack, Slot Machine, Hacksaw, Magoo, The King, Stump,
Beak Jr., Brinks, Geek and Beak.  Joe G is is in street clothes.

Brinks Scores!!!

SANJgroup.JPG (162285 bytes)
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Tony, Brinks and Hacksaw.

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March 31                                Peoria
May                                      Bowling
June 2                         Jimmy Buffett
June 8          Beak's Retirement Party
June ?                                       Picnic
July 7 Las Vegas for Larry's Wedding 
September 8                      Golf Outing
September 13                 Jimmy Buffett


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