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The Holy Trinity 2012 Christmas Party at the White Eagle in Niles, IL was another fun filled evening.  We had a Polish family style meal that provided us with enough gas to get home.  This year, Chester Lis got us an open bar before dinner.

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Turn on your speakers to hear Jimmy Buffett sing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" (Sorry, it will not play on a Mac.)

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Matthew Wojtaszek, Sr. Class of 1940

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We played "Heads or Tails", but I was out on the first toss.

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Chester Galiga (Class of 58) is always there.

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Class of 1962 had an inexpensive 50th reunion.*

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This is just some of the loot we came home with.

* The 50th reunions for the classes of 1957, 1958 and 1959 cost a lot more because we had them at a fancy place.


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