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The Holy Trinity High School of Chicago Illinois had their 50 year reunion on Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 at the Rosewood Restaurant. 

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Larry Kochan, Joe Szalkiewicz, Frank Czarnik and Ron Sowizrol did a wonderful job in planning this memorable event.  Thanks to Rob Bergman, who gave us a very entertaining video presentation.

For more information, contact Larry at: lkochan@sbcglobal.net


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Larry Kochan was out paying the bill when I took the above picture, so I used Photoshop to insert him below.

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The pictures that you see below are linked to 6 mega pixel pictures, click on the image to see the full image.  Use your back button to return to this page.  To print the picture, right click the large image and save it to a disk that you can take to Walgreen or Osco. 

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Mr. and Mrs. Norb Kriss

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Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walsh

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Dave Baloun and Tom Mach

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Anthony Citera

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Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sieck

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Sam Muscarello and Melvin Knick

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Melvin Knick and Chet Kowalkowski

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Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Urbaszewski

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Mr. and Mrs. Gene Koziol

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Lauretta Koszela and Larry Kochan

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Dan Podpora and Lauretta Koszela

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Tim Bopp and  Len Tabor

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Joe "Socko"Szalkiewicz

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Mr. and Mrs. Ed  May

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Mr. and Mrs. Tom  Kusek

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Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sowizrol

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Greg Owcarcz

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Mr. and Mrs. Ron Topszewski 

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Joanne Evansky and Carol Steck

57reunion 023.jpg (1005155 bytes)

Paul Evansky

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Mr. and Mrs. Ron Miller

57reunion 025.jpg (894282 bytes)

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wojdyla

57reunion 026.jpg (1089227 bytes)

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Werich

57reunion 027.jpg (1242762 bytes)

Joe Broda

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Ray Werich and Charlie Szydlowski

  Father Richard Mackiewicz

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Mr and Mrs Chester Lis "58

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57reunion 051.jpg (1104899 bytes) 57reunion 052.jpg (1146177 bytes) 57reunion 053.jpg (1215227 bytes)
57reunion 056.jpg (802711 bytes) 57reunion 057.jpg (1061532 bytes) 57reunion 058.jpg (1213846 bytes)
57reunion 059.jpg (1013493 bytes) 57reunion 060.jpg (1276903 bytes) 57reunion 062.jpg (1421072 bytes)
57reunion 063.jpg (1183172 bytes) 57reunion 064.jpg (1597368 bytes) 57reunion 065.jpg (1518348 bytes)
57reunion 066.jpg (1771297 bytes) 57reunion 067.jpg (1735731 bytes) 57reunion 068.jpg (1752762 bytes)
57reunion 069.jpg (1444897 bytes) 57reunion 070.jpg (1489313 bytes) 57reunion 071.jpg (1392050 bytes)
57reunion 072.jpg (1390334 bytes) 57reunion 073.jpg (1334067 bytes) 57reunion 055.jpg (529408 bytes)
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Wine anyone?

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Princess Grace and other meories

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57 Chevy Centerpieces by Patti  Czarnik

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