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The Holy Trinity High School of Chicago Illinois Class of 1959 had their 50 year reunion on Sunday, September 20th, 2009 at the Rosewood Restaurant in Rosemont Il.  Please comeback often and help me put some names with the pictures.  Please send me pictures or stories from your years at Holy Trinity High School, and I'll add them to the Memories Page:  

Greg Lopatka, g.lopatka@comcast.net

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The pictures that you see below are linked to 8 mega pixel pictures, click on the image to see the full image.  Use your back button to return to this page.  To print the picture, right click the large image and save it to a disk that you can take to Walgreen or Osco. 

I need your help with some names and captions for the pictures below, so e-mail me a caption for numbered picture. 

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Larry Mallek and Joe Garb

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Joanne and Fred Grygiel came in from New Jersey

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Joe Squillo, Ron Przyborski and Joe Latocha

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Lance Ciepiela, Don Gawlik and Dennis Nudo

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Picture 959-reunion 011.jpg (750450 bytes) 59-reunion 012.jpg (840529 bytes)

Brother John gets John Squillo to sign his book

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Brother Thomas and Brother John Kuhn

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 Don Gawlik and Dennis Nudo

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Julie and Dennis Ratajczyk

Picture 1559-reunion 017.jpg (896567 bytes) 59-reunion 018.jpg (942802 bytes)

John Squillo, Joe Trocola and John Willi

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Stan Sowizrol and Tim Bopp

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Joe Trocola, Tim Bopp and John Malloy

Picture 1959-reunion 022.jpg (1098491 bytes) 59-reunion 026.jpg (922545 bytes)

Bob and Marilyn Passeri

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Bob Bulinski and Eileen Latocha

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Joe and Pat Garb 

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Joe and Eileen Latocha

59-reunion 031.jpg (1509415 bytes)

Lance and Anna Ciepiela

59-reunion 032.jpg (1156717 bytes)

Norbert and Gail Steck came in from Arkansas

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Don Gawlik and Dennis Nudo

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Nancy and Bill Hoskins

Picture 3159-reunion 039.jpg (1255832 bytes) Picture 3259-reunion 040.jpg (1312504 bytes) 59-reunion 041.jpg (887774 bytes)

Chris and Dennis Suderski

Picture 3459-reunion 042.jpg (1340377 bytes) Picture 3559-reunion 043.jpg (1646826 bytes) 59-reunion 044.jpg (1234591 bytes)

Stan Adamczyk and ???  

Picture 3759-reunion 045.jpg (1499084 bytes) 59-reunion 046.jpg (787807 bytes)

Joanne Grygiel makes a point to Brother John 

59-reunion 047.jpg (1282209 bytes)

Brother John with Fred and Joanne

59-reunion 048.jpg (1436796 bytes)

Sharon and Ted Gressick

59-reunion 049.jpg (942482 bytes)

John and Enid Willi

59-reunion 050.jpg (1559503 bytes)

Ted Gressick and Bob Kawalek

Picture 4459-reunion 051.jpg (1255116 bytes)

Dennis Ratajczyk, Richard Griffin and Al Dabros

Picture 4559-reunion 052.jpg (1684737 bytes) 59-reunion 054.jpg (1350239 bytes)

Annette and John  Squillo

59-reunion 105.jpg (1708496 bytes)

Edwin Surowiak and Friend

59-reunion 056.jpg (1273703 bytes)

John and Enid Willi

Picture 4959-reunion 058.jpg (585472 bytes)
Picture 5059-reunion 060.jpg (1519122 bytes) Picture 5159-reunion 069.jpg (1682598 bytes) Picture 5259-reunion 064.jpg (1307201 bytes)
Picture 5359-reunion 081.jpg (1052967 bytes) Picture 5459-reunion 098.jpg (1468136 bytes) Picture 5559-reunion 100.jpg (1373958 bytes)


 100_7423.JPG (1101565 bytes)

Class officers

(Left to Right) Fred Grygiel, Bob Passeri, Richard Griffin, Larry Wisniewski, and Mitchell Kaminski with Brother John Kuhn. (In front)

59-reunion 113.jpg (646832 bytes)

Thank You to Pat and Stan Sowizrol for all of your hard work that gave us this wonderful evening.

Thanks to all of these travelers 


Lance Ciepiela          Arizona
Al Dabros                 Florida
Rick Giffin                California
Dan Golembiewski    California
Fred Grygiel             New Jersey
Larry Mallek             Arizona
Norb Steck              Arkansas
John Willi                 Alabama
Matt Wojtkiewicz      Nebraska
Wayne Dominowski   Iowa   Last Minute absintee


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Thanks for letting me photograph your wonderful reunion.  The photographer usually doesn't get his picture taken, but thanks to Lance Ciepiela's lovely wife Anna, I was captured. Click here to view all of her pictures.


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