Vacation with my sisters!

In 2002, my sister Pat and I went to Hawaii and we had so much fun, my sister Mary wanted to join us on our next venture. Pat wanted to visit an old Ranger friend that works in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park along the banks of the Cuyahoga River in Ohio. 

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On Saturday, we arrived at the Hale Farm & Village just before closing time.  We found our Hotel in Kent and Travis came over and lead us to his house.


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Travis had a cool car and some cool animals.

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Pat and Mary pose in front of my new Prius, we traveled 1500 miles on 29 gallons of gas.  

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Pat poses with Travis and his lovely family.

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Travis shows us how to get maple syrup and then we went to Cracker Barrel.

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On Sunday, we took a train ride to Peninsula and the Canal Visitor Center

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I put these pictures in for my train loving grandson, Michael.

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Inside the train's coach.

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At the Canal Visitor's Center, we watched a lock open and fill.

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After the Train ride, we were glowing!  We had a great meal and hit the trail.

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We took a short cut and got lost.  We ended up walking over 6 miles.

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We saw many geological sights on the nature trails.

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We worked up an appetite and went back to the same restaurant in Peninsula for dinner.

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On Monday morning, we left this site in Kent (left) and reached Niagara NY by 3:00.

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