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We had to watch my grandchildren for a few hours, so I pulled out an "owl pellet" and some tweezers. 

Owls swallow their prey nearly whole, however, the fur and bones of their prey cannot be digested.  The food goes into the proventriculus which is found just before the gizzard.  As food starts to digest in the gizzard, the muscles separate the fur from the bones.  The fur and bones are then pushed forward to the proventriculus.  About 12 hours after eating their prey owls spit out a "pellet," an ellipsoidal to spherical glob.  Owl pellets are clean of all flesh and odorless. The owl hunts rodents, and birds.  

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Michael found a skull and some leg bones.

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Here is the Skull and some femurs.

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All of these bones came out of Owl Pellets.

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These are the items found by Michelle.

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We labeled the bones and mounted them on a board.

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Michael shows his Dinosaur bones.

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Michelle mounts some Ginkgo leaves.

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Michael does his Dinosaur impersonation.

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Grandma gets a hug for a great meal.

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The next day, we went to see Grace and Audrey, so we mounted some leaves there.


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Grace shows Audrey the Mulberry leaf that she preserved in plastic.


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Grace finds a Ginkgo leaf and a stinky fruit.


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Audrey was so good at the restaurant.


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Fullersburg Woods 3/17/05

Audrey Week 3  3/11/05

DuPage Children's Museum 2/24/05

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