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Old Toys in the Attic

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A handmade sweater by my Mom

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These were in a bag labeled "Debbie's Stuffed animals".

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I found this old box in the attic and opened it up.  I knew the old Flintstone Mobile was long gone after 100,000 miles, but look what I found inside!

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A Blazin SSP!

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This Box was labeled Kathie's stuffed animals

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These were handmade by my Mom

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The Toy Box was labeled "Debbie's Toys" It looks like a line was drawn through that and Danny was added

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I made another trip to the attic and found Ken's hardwood bowling pins.

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There was a box of Flintstone blocks that Ken used to play with when he was a little guy.

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I found a box labeled "Dan's Magazines" It was taped with electrical and duct tape.  Carole was afraid to open it, because she was afraid of what she might find.  This Piano Music book was on top.

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There were 1980s Sports Illustrated magazines and a program from a Milwaukee Admirals Hockey Game.

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These pictures were featured on the CBS 5 O'clock News on 1/11/10

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