Hayward Road Trip History

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March 1992; Wheezer and Beak journeyed to Hayward Wisconsin to watch Tweedy play in a tournament with his college team mates. 

March 24, 1993; Wheezer, Koss and Beak Journey to Hayward Wisconsin to watch Tweedy play in a tournament.  Beak spins Wheezerís car out into a ditch in Spooner.  Father Paul saves the day.  He calls a tow truck driver who wants $20 for a 7:00 AM call.  Wheezer gives him a $50 and tells him, "We're from Chicago, no one gets out of bed for $20." 

March 25, 1994; The Duffers took their 3rd annual road trip to Hayward.  Stump shines in nets. Duffers win hockey game, then lose beer  drinking contest. Eleven Duffers use 2 vans to travel. Chris "Berserk" Mazurk scored his first Duffer Hat Trick in Hayward Wisconsin. 

April 1994; The first issue of the modern Duffer News hit the locker rooms in April 1994. (There was a pre-computer Duffer News in the early 80s.) The 4 page issue was dedicated to the adventures of our first team trip to Hayward. Duffer News was written in Greek letters. 
There was a one page Hayward Gazette that came out that week.
The Duffer News started out as a multi page monthly journal. One of the many highlights of the trip was a penalty shot that was awarded to Chris "Berserk" Masurk.  Chris was just learning the game of hockey at the time and he had few if any goals in his young Duffer career, so he was asking his Duffer elders for advice.  After gathering all of the available advice, he slapped the puck at center ice and started it rolling and bouncing toward the goal.  The Hayward goalie (who was one of the best in the area) watched Chris dribble the puck toward him.  He had never seen anything like it so he froze in his tracks as Berserk slapped the bouncing puck past him for a "Hat Trick".
The Newsletter was such a hit, that a Duffer News Extra came out the following week. A second Extra Edition came out on December 15, 1994

February 1995 Hayward Itinerary

March 28, 1995; Seventeen Duffers rent a huge limo for the 3rd annual   Hayward road trip.  Giffune gets Diarrhea  and jumps off the bus in Elmhurst.  Duffers lose  2 games then use Dubuque cheers and Strohs to boost Tweedy's team on to the Championship. Read More...

April 1995 Duffer News Number 20 More Hayward trip news.

November 17, 1995; Why did the King become the Bhagwan?

March 1, 1996; Duffers get ready to go  Wayward in Hayward

March 24, 1996; Duffers help Bombers win coveted beer trophy in Hayward Wisconsin.  Comet Hyakutake lights up the Wisconsin sky.  I saw a Duffer put his beer down so that he could view the comet through Beakís binoculars. Read More....

March 14, 1997; Duffers publish 100th Computerized newsletter as the team heads for Hayward road trip.  Duffers win 2nd straight beer drinking trophy.  A group of  3 Duffers were threatened with jail at 3 AM if they didnít stop laughing. Newsletter #100

3/97  Comet Hale-Bopp reaches perihelion.

Duffers are dazzled by Comet Hale-Bopp.  The King answers only to Bagh Wan. (he heard that Kings donít fair too well when comets appear) Read More....

Trips to Hayward continued through the turn of the century, but it was harder to fill a bus and cover the cost.  As long as Danny (Tweedy) and the Bombers continued to play in the March tournament, Wheezer and I continued to go and help them win the beer drinking contest.  After Y2K, the Bomber wives started having babies and their tournament participation stopped. Those guys should have learned from the Duffers that it is OK to leave the wife and kids at home.
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Berserk had some laughs on our our 1996 trip.

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The wives of the Bombers did their share to help the beer count.

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Uncle Bob and Wheezer are first to grab their bags.  They were first in the Buffet line too.

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Wheezer and I went to see the Titanic.  I shed a tear when he said, "That movie gave me Titanic Butt!"

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The dioramas at the Moccasin lounge had some taxidermy art.

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We thought he was a taxidermist on acid.

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Wheezer and I said good-by to Hayward for the last time.  I hear that The Brain has a place in Hayward, we should return there sometime soon.  I'm sure his cabin sleeps 20 comfortably. 

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After Y2K, the Bomber wives started having babies and their tournament participation stopped. Those guys should have learned from the Duffers that it is OK to leave the wife and kids at home.

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Tommy and Johnny Z were hogging the hot tub.

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Harvey used Butt Head's guitar to sing Wayward in Hayward.

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We helped the Bombers win the Beer Drinking contest.

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The Anvil couldn't make it, so he was all alone at Saint's Spectrum.

This is the picture that Mike used for the Fun Tax Sign. This was the year of the Beer slide.

Tom Morgan put shaving cream on Harvey's phone then called him. Harvey had no idea why Tom was laughing.

This was the year that we played at Saints Spectrum on Friday night, then we piled in 2 vans and drove to Hayward.  We won with Berserk's Hat Trick!

The Mayor of Hayward played goalie, drove the tractor Zamboni and hosted the hockey tournament.  He ran the beer drinking contest and gave the Duffers free ice.  What a guy.

The King took a nap in the lobby while waiting for our game.

This picture was taken right after Stump mooned the camera.  That is the biggest Musky in the world.

This was 1997 when we brought up Robby Granato to give the Bombers 2 Illinois ringers.  We filled most of the coach seats and avoided a fun tax.  This is the year that Muzzy shocked Hayward church goers when he came out of the church and boarded the bus with toilet paper streaming out of his pants. Read More....

I had to buy this tee shirt when I was there.

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Time to return to Hayward

I just re-read the duffer Hayward trip news letter and almost peed in my pants from laughing so much. That was fun. Lets do it again. It will never be the same but I'm sure we would have fun trying!
Duffer News April 1994

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