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Huskie Pee Wee Reds win the St. Jude Tournament!

The Huskies came out on Tuesday night with a bang!  They had to face the same team that they tied 3-3 only 2 days earlier.  The tone was set when Cory started the scoring early in the first period while other team mates sent bodies flying.  St. Jude players were reluctant to carry the puck as they watched one player flattened after another.  Cory scored a short handed goal with 1:05 left to play in the period.  The coaches loaded up a power line and Jeff Lopatka scored with 35 seconds in the opening period. Michael Bliss scored on a rebound to give the Huskies a 4-0 lead.  Jeff Lopatka put the game out of reach with a power play goal in the final minute of the second period.  With a 5 goal lead, the third period was played with a running clock.  Pete kicked out all shots to pick up the shut out.  "T" Marcoski picked up his 25th assist of the season to give him an incredible 100 points for the season! 

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(Left) Players wait while the St. Jude Coach carries a player off of the ice with only 47 seconds left to play. (center) The final buzzer sounds as gloves and sticks fly. (Right) Players rush to congratulate Pete for his shut out.  

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(Left) Players swamp Pete with cheers. (center) Celebration begins. (Right) Little mascot, Michael, congratulates Pete for his shut out.  

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Players wait while the St. Jude players get their second place awards.  

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(Left) Pete waits for them to call his name. (center) Players cheer for Pete. (Right) Noodles helps Little mascot, Michael.  

DCP_7162.JPG (48273 bytes) DCP_7163.JPG (70694 bytes)DCP_7164.JPG (39773 bytes)

(Left) Pete gets his award. (center) and (Right) Mike and Pete watch Cory get his award. 

DCP_7173.JPG (113800 bytes) DCP_7166.JPG (64176 bytes) DCP_7170.JPG (105898 bytes)

(Left) Tom Miller gets his award. (center) Jeff Lopatka (Right) Michael Bliss.   

DCP_7176.JPG (61968 bytes) DCP_7177.JPG (96637 bytes) DCP_7178.JPG (113108 bytes)

(Left) Lil' Mike (center) Team picture #1. (Right) Team picture #2.  

DCP_7183.JPG (147855 bytes) DCP_7185.JPG (77358 bytes) DCP_7187.JPG (62031 bytes)

(Left) Jeff and his proud Papa. (center) Pete's little sister caries the hardware.  (Right) Angel and Kathie (Jeff's Aunt)    

DCP_7189.JPG (167527 bytes) DCP_7186.JPG (132021 bytes) DCP_7190.JPG (84292 bytes)

(Left) Downers South Coach, Dan Lopatka, tells the Huskie coaches that he was impressed with their players. (center) Michael Bliss and his proud Mom. (Right) Jeff is glad that is over.    


The Huskies have been an important part of the Lopatka family ever since the Downers Grove Royals merged with the Huskies in 1977.  Jeff and Mike's dad, Ken Lopatka, played on the Midget and Junior B NIHL State Champ teams.  Dan Lopatka, Ken's little brother, Won Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam  NIHL State Crowns in the early 1980s.  Cammi Granato played on the Bantam Champion Team in 1986 with Dan. Go to: My Hockey Family

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