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On Wednesday, we only had one game, so we had the afternoon and evening off.

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I posted some pictures on the Lopatka Photo Site that is hosted by my nephew Mark. Click here to go there: http://photos.lopatka.com/main.php?g2_itemId=7179

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Melissa was on the mound, but our defense stayed home.

kansas08-07-23 032.JPG (390158 bytes)

When the smoke cleared, we were down 7-0 in the first.

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kansas08-07-23 066.JPG (802637 bytes)

We never overcame that 7 run first.

kansas08-07-23 067.JPG (517590 bytes)


kansas08-07-23 064.JPG (727376 bytes)

Kayla was named game MVP by our opponents for her fine defense and hitting.

kansas8-07-24 001.JPG (625238 bytes) kansas8-07-24 002.JPG (471418 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 004.JPG (451648 bytes)

On Thursday morning, Elaina took the mound.

kansas8-07-24 005.JPG (391452 bytes)

Michelle and Lauren get ready for a bunt.

kansas8-07-24 024.JPG (377398 bytes) kansas8-07-24 032.JPG (913708 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 037.JPG (443651 bytes)

Michelle made a diving catch to end the inning and scraped up her knees.  You can see why they call her the "Dirty Dozen". (Her number is 12)

kansas8-07-24 041.JPG (730675 bytes)

When Michelle got into the batters box, the Umpiretold her that she had to get the blood cleaned up, because of the "Magic Johnson rule".

kansas8-07-24 047.JPG (528538 bytes)

After Michelle got her wounds cleaned up, she ripped a line drive to the fence. 

kansas8-07-24 054.JPG (1444010 bytes)

You can see the ball hitting the fence, just under the score board.

kansas8-07-24 058.JPG (1458710 bytes)

By the time they retrieved the ball, Michelle was on third.

kansas8-07-24 060.JPG (761367 bytes)

The throw nailed Coach Bill in the leg.

kansas8-07-24 034.JPG (790946 bytes) kansas8-07-24 072.JPG (981404 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 073.JPG (973113 bytes) kansas8-07-24 076.JPG (608989 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 090.JPG (583193 bytes) kansas8-07-24 095.JPG (1201019 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 096.JPG (839242 bytes) kansas8-07-24 100.JPG (989500 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 101.JPG (926407 bytes) kansas8-07-24 106.JPG (816966 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 110.JPG (811478 bytes) kansas8-07-24 114.JPG (767664 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 119.JPG (409476 bytes) kansas8-07-24 120.JPG (742789 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 122.JPG (825239 bytes)

We lost another tough one, so we will be facing elimination in our next game.  It is time to check for messages.  A quote from a Jimmy Buffett song, "Everybody's on the phone, we're so connected, we're all alone."

kansas8-07-24 123.JPG (444207 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 124.JPG (389588 bytes) kansas8-07-24 125.JPG (363650 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 126.JPG (549156 bytes)

After the game, most of the team went to Hooters, but

kansas8-07-24 131.JPG (1402456 bytes)

Michael and Will went to the T-Rex Cafe for lunch.

kansas8-07-24 138.JPG (1179280 bytes) kansas8-07-24 139.JPG (1326104 bytes)
kansas8-07-24 133.JPG (1344434 bytes)

kansas08-07-25 001.JPG (955687 bytes)

Thursday night, Parents and players met in the parking  lot.

kansas8-07-24 132.JPG (1265889 bytes)

kansas08-07-25 002.JPG (934837 bytes)

Then headed of to see the Kansas City Royals.

Thanks to the coaches for their hard work and dedication!! 

I have prepared a DVD for each of them, with thousands of pictures from this season.  

I made it to the Jimmy Buffett concert after driving all night.  Click here for pictures

July 21, 2008 Fast Pitch Softball World Series

July 22, 2008 First 2 Games and Night Life

July 23-24, 2008 Games 3 and 4

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