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This is a copy of the 1988 Hockey Banquet Program, where Coach Miz says thanks to everybody.  He is the only coach that I ever saw give public thanks to the zamboni drivers

Tonight marks our annual coming-together to honor the young men who proudly wear the Red and Blue of the St. Rita Skating Mustangs. This past season was the 25th in the history of St. Rita hockey.
AS usual, it was a season marked by exciting moments on both the JV and Varsity levels. As usual, it featured the accepted norm for St. Rita play -100% for the entire game, win or lose. As usual, Our Young men played with pride and class in what they represent. And as usual, the whole thing happened because of the hard work of many individuals.

It would be virtually impossible to list all the people who deserve a note of thanks for their hard work this past season. A special thanks to the Booster Club for their work in organizing the many off-ice aspects of the program. The Ad book, crowd control at games, bingo, this banquet are all parts Of Our program that the Boosters handle with a minimum of pain and anxiety. Thanks to all the Boosters and especially the officers: Pete Marra, Mario Villalobos, Ann Marie Hayes, Lana Kaske, and John Bryja.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says that there is no place like home. Those of us associated with St. Rita hockey share her attitude when we think of our home - Saints Spectrum. It is highly unlikely that any other program enjoys the cooperation that we receive from the staff of the Spectrum. To Nancy Jeffers and Willie Watson: thanks for everything, but especially your friendship.  And a special "MUchas gracias" to my two favorite Zamboni drivers, Fidel and Domingo.

One of the things that makes our hockey program special is the relationship that we have with the school community. A special thanks to the Teachers Association for their donation to tonight's banquet. A thank
YOU to all the faculty who support Our efforts, especially Fr. Jerry, Br. John, and Br. Ed. Thanks to all the Mustangs who come Out to our games and get our blood boiling - nobody does it better. A note of thanks to the school administration led by Fr. Murphy and Mr. Bamberger for their Support.

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