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Transportation can sometimes be a problem. We usually make it out to practice because of the care and concern of many people. Thanks to the team members who drive others (Casey, Tommy B., Jason, Don, Scott, and Mike), and to the adults who help get us to practice (Greg Lopatka, Mr. Pawlowski, and Mr. Igoe).

Words can never fully explain my debt of gratitude to my
staff. To Joe Gotfryd, Rich Kevin O'Connell, Gene Gryz,
Joe Patzin, Jim Kucera, and John Hartl thank You from the bottom of my heart; your contributions to St. Rita hockey can never be measured.  And to Rich Salerno - thanks, we miss you. Game days run smoothly because of the work of many people. A special thanks to Joe Schultz and Mr. Lopatka for their taping of the games, and a very special thanks to the best manager in the CCHL - Jimmy Lasky. 
To the parents of the Skating Mustangs, thanks for taking the time to care about your son. Thanks for taking the time to work bingo, to ask friends for ads, to rearrange schedules around practice and games, and to support Our Skating Mustangs. Your sons may not say it too often, but they appreciate everything you do for them. 
The last group to be thanked are the players. You are the reasons why I coach. You make it all worthwhile When we beat Carmel in the regular season, when we beat Beloit, and even when we were eliminated from the playoffs, You never gave less than a total effort. You worked hard at practice and at games. You played with class and with pride. We all wish we had done better, but there are some things that are more important than wins and losses. I thank you all.

There is one last thank You that needs to be made. To my wife, Mary, you see me at my lowest and
YOU are always there. Thank You for Your support and your love.

If I have forgotten anyone, my humblest apologies. Let's
have a good time tonight, and then look forward to a bright future.

Coach Misiora

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This page was put together by Greg Lopatka, a retired Chicago Public School teacher, who learned to respect Jim Misiora first as a parent and then as a colleague. 

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